Things Quickly Go off the Rails When Joe Biden and John Fetterman Meet up in Philadelphia

John Fetterman and Joe Biden appear together in Pennsylvania (6/17/23). Credit: RNC Research/Twitter

President Joe Biden met up with Sen. John Fetterman on Saturday following the collapse of a bridge in Philadelphia, PA. That’s an astonishing thing for multiple reasons, not the least of which is that neither is actually capable of fulfilling the governmental roles they hold.


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Diving into it, Biden was met at the airport by a US senator wearing gym shorts and a hoodie because nothing matters anymore.

Defenders of Fetterman claim that he wears the shorts and hoodie combo because it helps him deal with the severe depression that kept him hospitalized for months earlier in the year. That may be true, but doesn’t that then lead to the obvious retort that someone with severe depression who can’t even put on a suit to meet the president probably shouldn’t be a US senator? I know we are just talking about attire, but holding some basic standards for politicians is objectively a good thing. Americans should demand better from those who represent them.

Fetterman and Biden eventually made their way to a podium to do a joint presser, and I’ll give you one guess how that went.


As bad as the above transcription is, it’s much worse when you watch the video. Far from the numerous assertions from the press that Fetterman was quickly recovering from the massive stroke he had mid-2022, it’s clear he’s either getting worse or has, at best, plateaued. Having a senator who can’t even properly ask questions to witnesses is a problem.

It’s not ableist to admit that. As in all sectors of life, there are certain people who simply aren’t capable of doing certain jobs. I do not have the ability to quarterback an NFL team. That doesn’t me a bad person or someone lacking in worth. It just means I don’t have the ability to quarterback an NFL team. It is what it is, and Fetterman has no business being in the US Senate.

And then there’s Joe Biden. There’s always Joe Biden.

This is another instance where I could transcribe what he says, but you really just need to watch the video. He leans over to the podium to tell a joke about “sleeping alone” which elicits exactly one laugh in the room as everyone seems perplexed. When the original line falls flat, he then says “I have to explain that” before saying “My wife’s a Philly girl.” At that point, the room is completely silent because no one has any idea what he’s talking about, an evergreen condition for the president. He caps off the presser by once again getting confused as to how to exist a stage setting. I could belabor the point, but you know what’s going on.


With that said, I can’t help but be struck by how Johnny-on-the-spot Biden is in Philadelphia following the bridge collapse there. This is the same White House that insinuated the president was too busy to visit East Palestine, OH, which suffered a devastating train derailment that spread toxic chemicals throughout the community. To this day, Biden hasn’t made a trip there.

Why? In my view, it’s because he has open contempt for people who don’t support him. It’s the same reason he never went to Nashville after a transgender militant shot up a Christian school. Biden isn’t a unifier, he’s a divider, and he’s not the least bit shy about letting you know it. It’s really quite a nasty trait when you think about it.



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