The White House Finally Decides Who to Blame for the East Palestine Disaster

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After weeks of inaction, the White House has finally decided who to blame for the ecological disaster currently unfolding in East Palestine, OH.

In a shocking, completely unexpected turn of events, it’s not US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg who is at fault. He’s too busy taking “personal time” anyway. Rather, those dastardly Republicans have struck again. Apparently, somehow, they are singularly responsible for an axle breaking on a train despite Democrats having total government control for the last two years.


It’s hard to quantify the amount of sheer gall and shamelessness it takes to put out a statement like that when the Biden administration has yet to send a single representative to survey the damage in East Palestine. Instead, that task was left to former president Donald Trump and Sen. J.D. Vance, both of which showed up on Wednesday to deliver drinking water and other supplies.

Putting that aside, though, nothing mentioned by the White House in the memo had anything to do with the accident that occurred in East Palestine. The brake rule cited was for Class 3, not Class 2 materials like chloride, and the train derailed because of a broken axle, not bad brakes (I recently wrote a piece debunking that leftwing talking point). Other claims about crew requirements are also irrelevant as there was no operational error involved. The rest is just throwing everything against the wall in the hope that something sticks.

In short, the memo is just a pathetic, sad attempt to deflect blame from an administration that has been in charge for the last two years, yet has enacted none of the things they claim are so important. No one is buying that Donald Trump and Marco Rubio are responsible for a train derailment two years into Biden’s presidency. The shouting about lobbyists just comes across as deranged as well. When you start diving into vague conspiracies, you are losing.


Whoever thought it was a good idea to start screaming about Republicans when Joe Biden is over in Europe cosplaying as a globalist savior, ignoring the disaster in East Palestine, miscalculated. It’d be one thing if the president had visited after the crash, but he hasn’t. Thus, sniping from the cheap seats while Donald Trump and others get things done makes Biden look incredibly weak. That’s probably because he is incredibly weak.


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