A Visibly Unwell John Fetterman’s Remarks on the I-95 Collapse Were Just Painful to Watch

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Philadelphians woke up Sunday to frightening news of the partial collapse of a section of the I-95 corridor, which occurred in the early morning hours after the driver of a gasoline tanker reportedly “rolled” the truck on a curve after exiting the interstate, striking its northbound lanes and causing an explosion.


For those who missed it, here’s a video of the moment the crash happened:

Tragically, 53-year-old Nathaniel “Nate” Moody, the driver of the tanker, was killed in the accident.

The northbound lanes completely collapsed, while the southbound lanes were left compromised. Understandably, the situation has caused a massive amount of frustration and headaches for drivers, who are having to take detours and who also want to know a timeframe for when their commute will to get back to normal.

This is where local and state officials come in, as well as the members of Congress whose constituents this devastating accident has most impacted.

That brings us to Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.), who on Wednesday attended a Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works hearing, where he discussed the overpass collapse along with other transportation issues facing his state, and called out the Federal Highway Administration for allegedly “dragging its feet in implementing expert advice for making streets safer.”

There was one moment during the hearing, however, that was hard to watch. But it didn’t have anything to do with the accident itself or the tragic death of the driver, but instead how Fetterman sounded when talking to a witness.


I won’t bother to translate it. Just watch it and see for yourself:

I’m not a doctor, and I know the recovery timeframe for a stroke patient varies from person to person, but that was just downright painful to see, and brings back to mind what we were being told by his physicians a month before Fetterman returned to the Senate in April after checking himself into Walter Reed Army Medical Center in February for severe depression.

“The senator’s physician recently informed him that he will be ‘as good or better than his best days post-stroke,'” CNN’s Manu Raju reported at the time.

“Fetterman’s stay has lasted this long because the doctors have been trying to get his ‘medication balance exactly right,’ per source,” Raju also noted. “For instance, doctors learned his blood pressure med was too high, which may have contributed to dizziness when he went to GW hospital last month.”

Except we’re two months past Fetterman resuming his in-person duties as a Senator, and yet we still have so-called “reporters” playing clean-up and running with Fetterman quotes that had to be rewritten by staffers so they made sense, while Fetterman gives incoherent pressers with his fellow Senators wearing sweat suits. Most importantly, Fetterman himself does not look “good or better than his best days post-stroke,” as the above video and others indicate. He still looks like he should be resting comfortably at home, not trying to hold his own during a Senate hearing.


This, in my opinion, is abuse.

As I’ve said before, I believe that what Democrats including his staffers, the mainstream media, and his wife are doing to Fetterman is just plain wrong, and what we continue to see from him during hearings and the like – in my opinion – just keeps proving the point.

If they were trying to sabotage him, what exactly would his handlers be doing differently? Think about it.

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