Tucker Carlson Does Explosive Interview With Former Biden Business Associate Tony Bobulinski

Remember the name Tony Bobulinski? If you don’t, you aren’t alone, because apparently, the FBI doesn’t want you to remember.

Bobulinksi first made waves during the 2020 election when he blew the whistle on the Biden family’s business dealings, having been intimately involved in them himself. Most infamously, the former Hunter Biden associate claimed that an email talking about “ten percent for the big guy” was specifically referring to Joe Biden.


At the time, Bobulinski had gone to the FBI with his story. Nothing else came of it, though, with a more recent report revealing that FBI agent Timothy Thibault had scuttled the investigation. Thibault was fired back in August after an internal review.

Bobulinski is now back, and he did a rather explosive interview with Tucker Carlson on Monday night. First, he confirmed that the FBI did cover up what he had offered about the Bidens by just outright cutting him off and not even contacting him again.

In other words, the FBI was complicit in interfering in the 2020 election by purposely nuking information and an investigation that could have harmed the Bidens politically, never mind the possible criminal behavior at play. Imagine how the election might have changed had the federal government been honest about what they had. Instead, it took years of the Hunter Biden investigation essentially being put on ice before Timothy Thibault was even let go, and even that just felt like an attempt by the DOJ to cover its own backside.


The corruption stinks to high heaven, and it’s another example of how far our federal bureaucracies have fallen (not that they could ever be trusted). Any information about Trump is immediately leaked to the Post or Times, but the FBI turns into Fort Knox the moment the Bidens are involved. None of it is a coincidence.

Back to the interview, after accusing Hunter Biden of committing “fraud,” Bobulinski then directly implicated Joe Biden again, this time describing how he operated as the “chairman” of the family’s business dealings.

That just confirms what has been suspected all along. Namely, Biden knew exactly what his son was doing, and further, he was involved in helping secure at least some of the deals the family received. That makes him complicit in any possible illegal activity that is discovered, or at least it should.

Of course, that assumes the FBI will ever take the Hunter Biden investigation seriously. I have my doubts, despite the fact that reports have said things are heating up. I just can’t fathom the DOJ actually being integrious enough to take down the son of a major Democrat, in this case, the President of the United States, especially when Joe Biden himself could then be caught up in the fray.


Nothing I’ve seen from the DOJ or FBI over the last decade gives me confidence they are anything but partisan organizations looking to protect their own. So don’t hold your breath here for any accountability.


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