FBI Agent Canned for Political Bias Put Top Witness Against Bidens on Ice

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The more we learn about the Timothy Thibault situation, the worse it looks for the FBI. As RedState originally reported, Thibault was forced out of the FBI recently for political bias, being escorted out by officials at the headquarters. He had been accused of basically burying the Hunter Biden investigation as early as 2019 in an attempt to help get Joe Biden elected president.


Chuck Ross of the Free Beacon has uncovered more, including the fact that Thibault “ran point” in the handling of Tony Bobulinksi. If you don’t remember Bobulinski, he’s the former Hunter Biden associate who alleged that “the big guy” was Joe Biden. According to this latest report, Thibault put Bobulinski, who could have brought the whole corrupt scheme down, on ice.

A former FBI official who allegedly shut down part of the investigation into Hunter Biden was “running point” in the bureau’s dealings with a key witness in the probe, according to sources directly familiar with the matter.

The witness, Tony Bobulinski, now has concerns that the former official, Timothy Thibault, helped bury information about his dealings with the Biden family that he gave the FBI, sources told the Washington Free Beacon. Thibault retired from the FBI last week amid allegations from whistleblowers that he shut down an investigation into an avenue of “derogatory” information about Hunter Biden in October 2020. Senate Republicans began scrutinizing Thibault earlier this year over anti-Trump rhetoric he posted on social media.


Bobulinski was first interviewed in 2020 after his now infamous accusations against the current president. Since the beginning of 2021, though, he’s had no contact with the FBI, which is ostensibly still carrying out its investigation into Hunter Biden. You’d think there’d be more contact than that if the bureau was taking this seriously. But that lack of contact may explain Thibault’s ouster.

There is no question that investigations with political sensitivities have been handled wildly differently by the FBI over the last decade or so. There was talk as early as last spring about the FBI backing off Hunter Biden for fear of affecting the mid-terms. Yet, the same bureau raided Donald Trump’s home much closer to November, just days before the DOJ’s policy kicked in that would supposedly stop such politically influential moves.

Bobulinski, despite the seriousness of his allegations and his close connections with the Bidens, has not been asked to appear before a grand jury to speak about what he knows. Did Thibault prevent that from happening? It’s possible, but I suspect the rot goes much deeper. There’s no way a single person kneecapped this investigation for years without others knowing and participating.


That leaves another big question hanging out there: Will the FBI now take the investigation seriously? There have been signs that things are progressing, and Thibault was pushed out for a reason. Still, why has it taken this long when they’ve had the laptop since 2019? The investigation itself was opened all the way back in 2018. What’s the hold-up? Is the FBI really going to wait around until Biden leaves office? That alone would show political bias.

We can only hope justice is done here, but no one should be holding their breath.


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