Joe Biden's Brain Shuts Down Multiple Times During 'Presser' Where He Takes No Questions

AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

Joe Biden got into a running gun battle with the teleprompter again today while giving public remarks on…well, on something.

The president was ostensibly there to announce the “deployment” of military medical teams to states that are seeing healthcare worker shortages. Not surprisingly, all the states he’s sending aid to — except one (Ohio) — are Democrat-led states that have pushed vaccine mandates. It’s almost like there’s a connection there, but I digress because it was really Biden’s physical and mental performance that stole the show, not so much anything he specifically said.


Are you ready to play another round of “let’s try to figure out what Biden is saying”?


Keep in mind that the president is not speaking off the cuff in those clips. Rather, he’s simply being asked to read words, provided in giant font, being scrolled on a screen right in front of him, and he can’t even manage to do that. At another point, he stumbles over yet another name after claiming he “topped” a doctor to lead the federal testing program. That’s probably the most perplexing part of this. How have his advisers still not learned to not have him try to pronounce names? This is the same guy who can’t remember how to say the names of his cabinet members.

What you are hearing in that clip is not a stutter either, and it’s insulting to people who deal with a real stuttering problem for Democrats and the media to keep claiming that. Forgetting how to pronounce things, going “uh” over and over, and losing one’s train of thought is not what a stutter is. Rather, those are the symptoms of a man who is clearly losing what little mental capacity he had left.


Things didn’t stop there, though. At the end of his comments, the press began to ask questions while Biden stared aimlessly for the better part of 30 seconds. Eventually, his handlers ushered the reporters out of the room. Those moments before the feed cut were extremely awkward and uncomfortable.

Even physically, Biden looks incredibly weak and frail, as if he were dosed with something prior to being wheeled to the door of the room he’s speaking in. Why can’t he answer questions? Is he even aware of what he’s doing, aside from mindlessly reading words off a teleprompter? I have serious doubts at this point.

That leads me to the biggest unknown: How in the world is this guy going to give a State of the Union speech next month? Remember, he delayed speaking the Congress last year in an unprecedented move before finally doing so. But he’s clearly in worse shape today than he was even six months ago. Are there enough drugs in the world to keep this man upright for an hour-and-a-half? I guess we’ll find out, but rest assured, it’ll be a train wreck no matter what.



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