Joe Biden Can't Walk, and the Hypocrisy Is Mind-Blowing

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Today, White House resident Joe Biden showed the world that he’s incapable of walking up a set of stairs in a stiff breeze (yes, the administration actually blamed the wind). While attempting to board Air Force One, Biden, who once bragged about his ability to climb stairs as a way of attacking Donald Trump, helplessly fell no less than three times, with the last time seeing him sprawled out completely.


Here’s the video that RedState covered earlier. It’s really uncomfortable to watch.

The moment I saw this, my mind immediately went back to the Donald Trump era. You’ll likely recall that Trump once drank water with two hands. That led to a week-long news cycle, including yet more asinine talk of invoking the 25th Amendment. You see, using a hand to steady a cup of water, in order to keep from dribbling on one’s tie, is proof of physical decline at a level that warrants removal from office. There was also an instance where Trump used a rail to walk down a ramp. That also led to a week-long news cycle, mocking the president’s supposed inabilities.

Meanwhile, Biden literally can’t walk up stairs without wallowing like a pig in mud, and the left pretend it’s perfectly normal. Compare today’s lack of concern to the following stupidity.


Perhaps Biden should be afraid of stairs, given his inability to use them without falling? This isn’t the first time he’s stumbled. It was just, by far, the most dramatic episode.

But what really gets me about all this is just how vicious the left at large were to Trump over perfectly anodyne moments. As Julie Kelly notes, today’s collapse of a 78-year-old man wouldn’t be as worthy of mockery — if Biden and his supporters hadn’t shown themselves to be such massive hypocrites in response.

Trump was mocked for his skin tone. He was mocked for being overweight. He was mocked for getting COVID. He was mocked for drinking water. He was mocked for walking down a ramp. He was mocked when the wind blew his hair a certain way. Yet, the left and the media proclaim, in all their hypocrisy, that Biden is off-limits when he trips all over himself trying to board a plane.


Yeah, that’s not how this is going to work. The left burned that bridge of good faith long ago. Besides, this isn’t just about mocking Biden from a comedic angle. In actuality, none of this is really that funny. Rather, it’s scary. We have a president who clearly isn’t up to the job. That should be the topic of discussion today, and that so many on the left who couldn’t shut up about Trump are now silent says a lot.


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