Biden Forgets What Year It Is and Other Truly Bizarre Moments

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Joe Biden made it out of the snowstorm he was temporarily stopped in yesterday but that trapped a lot of people in Virginia. He had gone on a Delaware beach vacation, despite the surge in COVID cases which he had promised to “stop.”


Unfortunately for us and him, all the problems he left behind are still there.

Biden gave a briefing on COVID today, and he waded into all kinds of trouble. The ‘vacation’ didn’t help clear up his cognitive issues.

First up, what year is this? Joe Biden doesn’t seem to know. He seemed to think it was 2020.

That was when we had a different person in the White House in 2020. Not so much now, in 2022, with ‘Brandon’ in office.

Then, of course, there’s this out-and-out lie, where Biden says it “continues to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

If anything, the increase of the Omicron variant hitting so many prominent vaccinated and boosted people shows how untrue that claim is.


Now, this is a dumb comment, even for Joe. “Surround your kids with people who are vaccinated,” Biden urges.

Most kids are unvaccinated. So, your kids should never be around other kids? Is that rational? What is he thinking? Not to mention that it’s least transmissible among young kids.

What the heck is he even saying here about social distancing from a bus? The “actual bus”?

Is the bus going to give the kids COVID now? How far gone is this man? Not to mention: how are you social distancing much on an enclosed bus that you have to walk through?

But then, he also got nailed on where are the test kits he promised to get out to Americans in December?


From NY Post:

“What about the free COVID tests going out to Americans? When will they get those COVID tests?” a female reporter asked Biden after he delivered remarks about a record-smashing surge of coronavirus cases.

“People are still standing in line a mile away from the White House to get a COVID test,” the reporter added.

“Sir, when should we expect the tests?” a male reporter shouted at the president.

But Biden refused to answer any of the questions on his little, fake White House set and his people shooed away the reporters. During his remarks, he told people they should just “google” where they might find tests.

That’s a far cry from “I will stop the virus.”

Maybe we could have just googled for a competent man for the job he now has? Because, for sure, if we googled, it wouldn’t be this guy whose face came up.


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