Joe Biden Crashes and Burns During Remarks, 'This Is Fine'

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Joe Biden had a busy day today, and things went about as well as you’d expect, which is to say not well at all. The president kicked things off by forgetting the name of his Defense Secretary, something he’s done in the past, and it’s not just Lloyd Austin he has an issue with. There has been a litany of times that Biden showed that he’s apparently not familiar with members of his own administration.


At no point has this trend ceased to be extremely concerning.

“Oh, he just got tripped up. What’s the big deal?” the left cries, but it is a big deal that this happens repeatedly. The fact that Biden can’t remember the names of his own appointees speaks directly to not only his lack of mental acuity but also a lack of preparation. We know the guy is senile, but can no one give the man a list of names beforehand?

In the responses, someone snarkily mentioned that Donald Trump once called Tim Cook by the wrong name. But there’s a large difference between messing up the name of someone not at all related to the administration and forgetting the name of the Defense Secretary, someone the president is supposed to be intimately involved with. But is Biden actually intimately involved? That’s what’s so concerning. Does he actually even interact with his cabinet on a regular basis?

The brain-melt didn’t stop there, though. During his next event, Biden put on this display.

This is fine. The President of the United States can’t read numbers now. What could possibly go wrong? Things are so bad that Biden had to have 80-year-old Anthony Fauci jump in to save him, and that’s only because Jill Biden wasn’t around to do it.


But hey, let’s just all pretend that having a president who is clearly in the midst of a massive cognitive decline has no real-world consequences. You know, like having 13 American service members die because of a complete lack of leadership from the White House. Or like having the economy enter into a massive inflationary boom that is crushing the middle-class.

Yeah, it’s fun to poke fun at Biden, but at the end of the day, this stuff is actually deadly serious. That a large part of the American electorate saw this man during the 2020 campaign and still decided to vote for him continues to be insane.



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