After Joe Biden's Disgusting Speech, the White House Becomes More Vindictive and Detached

Joe Biden’s “voting rights” speech, which he gave to a Stacey Abrams-free crowd in Georgia some days ago, has been widely proclaimed to be the worst, most divisive of his presidency. There are some other contenders, including his vaccine-mandate and Afghanistan “victory lap” speeches, but no doubt, Biden comparing normal Americans to Jefferson Davis and calling them “domestic enemies” simply because they want to keep the traditional voting procedures in place is grotesque.


Things were so bad that even Sen. Dick Durbin, one of the White House’s biggest allies and a staunchly leftwing Democrat, suggested the president took things too far.

Sen. Mitt Romney, who has been extremely friendly to Biden to this point, couching his criticisms and treating him with none of the derision he treated Donald Trump, finally saw enough to lash out.

“And so President Biden goes down the same tragic road taken by President Trump, casting doubt on the reliability of American elections. This is a sad, sad day. I expected more of President Biden who came into office with a stated goal of bringing the country together,” Romney said.

That’s certainly a perplexing statement. As expected, Romney couldn’t dare take a swipe at Biden without somehow tying it to Trump. I’d also ask the Utah senator why he “expected more” of a man who once accused him of wanting to reenslave black people. Yet, Romney has never been one to hold Democrats to any semblance of the same standard he does other Republicans. In that light, it’s surprising he said anything here at all, no matter how mild.


Yet, the White House’s skin only grows ever thinner, even in the face of criticism from those they used to label “good ones.” Jen Psaki lashed out at Romney with one of her most childish, nonsensical responses to a controversy yet.

Here’s the video if you want to torture yourself further.

Last I checked, Romney voted to impeach Trump twice. Putting aside arguments over the wisdom of those votes, that pretty firmly puts the Utah senator in the category of not sitting “silently” over the “last four years for the former president,” right? I mean, can you get any more outspoken than attempting to remove a president from office and barring him from ever running again?


In other words, Psaki’s “clap back” is completely detached from reality, showing an administration that simply has no answer for anything they are doing at this point. On inflation, Biden actually bragged about yesterday’s disastrous seven percent figure. As I noted, regarding Afghanistan, the White House actually proclaimed victory in the face of 13 dead Americans and millions now starving under the rule of the Taliban. Up is down, left is right, dogs and cats are living together.

As a political strategy, the White House’s move to isolate even more Americans, including a quasi-ally like Romney, is moronic. Biden’s entire appeal was a promise to be non-divisive and level-headed. He’s managed to be nothing of the sort, with that reality culminating in that speech he gave in Georgia. Where does he go from here except further into his corner, losing more and more support? That’s the problem with an administration that can’t just take a loss and pivot to a more workable issue. Eventually, you double down enough that you can’t see the surface anymore.

I’ll end by pointing out the ignorance in Romney ever believing Biden would somehow represent the creation of national unity. Nothing in the current president’s past suggested that was possible. This also serves as another lesson on why it’s futile to try to ingratiate one’s self to Democrats. They will always stab you in the back. Always.



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