A Yelling, Defiant Joe Biden Declares Victory in Afghanistan and Blames Americans for Being Left Behind

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Joe Biden finally spoke today to mark the end of the war in Afghanistan. After showing up hours late for the originally scheduled event, something that has become a habit for this president, Biden took to the podium. What transpired was surprising and shocking at times.


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He delivered a cold, blame-shifting speech in which he simultaneously claimed there was no disaster in Afghanistan while blaming others for the disaster in Afghanistan. Little of what he said made sense, and at the beginning of the speech, Biden yelled as he read the teleprompter in what can only be described as an incredibly odd scene.

The president also tried to claim victory, lauding his handling of the bungled withdrawal that ended up costing the lives of 13 US service members and countless Afghans (he also never mentioned the names of those who made the ultimate sacrifice last Thursday). Yet, just minutes later, he changed his tune and blamed Donald Trump for supposedly tying his hands. The incoherence was both breathtaking and infuriating as he continued on, staring glassy-eyed at the teleprompter, desperately trying to insert emotion into his shrill, robotic voice.


Things only got worse from there. After trashing the Afghan people in another attempt to deflect responsibility for his failures, Biden then let it rip on the Americans who are now stranded in Afghanistan. Instead of taking responsibility for his broken promise that troops would stay in Kabul until everyone was evacuated, the president blamed those left behind.

I can think of few things more disgusting than blaming American citizens for being left in the grip of the Taliban because their own government abandoned them. As recently as July, the president was claiming that the Afghan government would hold and that the Taliban did not have the operational capacity to do much damage. That’s why people stayed behind. They believed Biden’s lies about the situation on the ground, lies that he told to cover his own tail. And now he blames them for being left behind. If there was ever a “hoo boy” moment, this was it.

The speech just meandered on from there, and others at RedState will cover more of the details. But suffice it to say, this was the most tone-deaf, heartless, ranting speech I’ve ever heard from a president, and that’s saying something. Ironically, this speech was everything the media used to try to paint Trump’s speeches as, except in this case, the critiques are true. The blame-shifting, the flailing, the yelling, the anger, the lies, the lack of empathy — it was all there.


Lastly, as if to put one last exclamation point on the absolute absurdity that is the current President of the United States, Biden ended his remarks only to briefly turn back to the podium. For a second, it appeared he might take questions. Instead, he grabbed his dirty facemask and put it on in order to walk down an empty hallway.

I do not see how this man’s presidency recovers from this. What was witnessed today was a new low, though, I have confidence Biden will figure out how to go lower.


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