New Poll Has Biden Circling the Drain and Going Down Fast

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Every time I return to report on a new poll of Joe Biden, I wonder: is there a bottom? And every time, Biden keeps convincing me that he still can find ways to go lower.


But I have to say, the new Quinnipiac poll definitely has Biden circling the drain and going down fast. I don’t know how much lower he can go and still not have to resign in utter disgrace. He’s in a death spiral across all categories and all groups.

Biden’s approval rating has cratered to 33 percent, with 53 percent disapproving. In November, it was 36 percent approval, so it’s still continuing to go down. It’s worse among independents at 24 percent and among Hispanics, it’s only 28 percent. Those are two numbers that Biden has to cringe at when he looks at them. Without them, Democrats are up a creek without a paddle. But Biden is down even with Democrats. He’s dropped 12 approval points with Democrats since November, from 87 to 75. I’m inclined to think that’s progressive flight since he hasn’t been able to deliver on the free stuff that they want including the Build Back Better bill.

Once upon a time, Biden had bad numbers on the economy, but he was saved a little bit because his COVID numbers were good. That’s long since gone now too, the COVID numbers are just as bad as all the other numbers.


That’s reflective of his promise to stop the pandemic but then his failure to do so, saying there is no “federal solution,” the virus surging again, and restrictions coming back.

While Biden ran as a “unifier,” that’s not going over well. Small wonder when they see his divisive speeches attacking Republicans. “A plurality, 49 percent, say Biden is doing more to divide the country while 42 percent say he’s doing more to unite the country,” the poll notes.

What was fascinating is that despite the effort by Democrats to demonize Republicans as “attacking democracy” and other nonsensical claims, Americans view Democrats as being less committed to the Constitution than Republicans vs. commitment to individual politicians.

Another interesting point? President Donald Trump ranked higher at the same point in office, even with virtually all the media against him and constantly beating him up.


The Quinnipiac poll was done between Jan. 7 to Jan. 10.

Now, some think it might be an outlier poll. I think the better word is predictor poll, as we look at their numbers over time.

Can someone go into the 20s for a general approval number? It looks like we may find out about that very soon.



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