The Twisted Morality of Those Who Obsess Over January 6th

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For most Americans, today is another day. They’ll get up, go to work, come home, play with their children, cook dinner, and go to bed. If they are worried, it’s almost certainly over the rising inflation that’s eating away at their savings. Can they still afford to do the things they once planned to do?


But for a vocal minority of Americans, almost all of whom live somewhere along the Acela Corridor and have no actual connection to the real world, today is the source of their obsession. While the normals have spent the last year dealing with a variety of pressing matters, many caused by the current lack of leadership in the White House, those inside the bubble have never stopped talking about January 6th. Every single day is a day of remembrance, recriminations, and false claims about the events that unfolded.

Perhaps worse, some of the most immoral, cowardly people on the planet will spend today lecturing you on responsibility, morality, and saving “democracy.” Of course, “democracy” must be saved by allowing them to dramatically change the rules of voting from the federal level in order to ensure they win the next election. But rest assured, rigging that election to keep them in power is for your own good.

The insufferable preening will be led by the President of the United States.

There’s something expressly Orwellian about continuing to call something an insurrection when not a single person has been charged with the crime of insurrection and no evidence of any planning or control has emerged. Well, I suppose that’s not entirely true. We do know that Ray Epps helped instigate the breach, with him being caught on video multiple times doing so. Of course, while grandmas who merely walked around the Rotunda were thrown into solitary, Epps has never been arrested. You can take a guess as to why that is, and I bet you only need one.


Regardless, I can’t think of a single person with the less moral authority to pontificate today than Joe Biden. The president represents the pinnacle of a grotesque selective morality that permeates DC politics. I’ve written on that phenomenon before, where someone like Liz Cheney can sit on her high horse while ignoring her role in getting hundreds of thousands of people killed in the Middle East.

What happened on January 6th was not a coup. It was, among those who chose to get violent at least, a short-lived, riotous act of political suicide by a few incredibly stupid people. Yet, the only people killed that day were protestors themselves, murdered by police officers whose lives were not in imminent danger. On no planet is that akin to the Civil War, Pearl Harbor, or 9/11. It’s not even akin to the 2020 George Floyd riots.

But while Democrats and their media allies will spend today telling you that there has been no greater moral failing over the last year, I believe that assertion simply underscores the disgusting tunnel vision existent within the beltway. Why should I care more about the moral failings of random protestors that have been arrested and punished than of a president who blew up an entire family, including seven children, in order to try to score a political win? And that was after he got 13 American service members killed, again while selfishly trying to score a political win.

One of those things is a moral failing worth obsessing over. The other is January 6th, and I could give many more examples, including the fact that nearly everyone you’ll hear moralize about the Capitol Breach today also supports the killing of innocent children. Yet, the festivities, for lack of a better term, being held by Democrat politicians, CNN, and the rest aren’t actually about saving “democracy” or upholding some unique American moral standard. Rather, all of this pomp and circumstance is about cynically trying to weaponize an isolated incident, both in scope and support, in order to retain power.


Their ploy isn’t going to work, though. Most Americans see right through this. They see their problems being ignored in favor of yet another obsessive marking of January 6th, and they will vote accordingly.


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