On the White House's Disgusting Defense of Joe Biden Droning Children

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Today was a banner day for Jen Psaki as she delivered insulting answer after insulting answer during today’s White House briefing.

First, she had the audacity to suggest that illegal immigrants don’t need to have vaccine mandates or vaccinate passports because they arent “planning to stay long.” You know, because people going to a restaurant in New York are totally planning on living there forever or something. Nothing the Biden administration is saying makes sense and I’m not sure it’s supposed to.


Later, Psaki would delve into something darker, though. As RedState reported, when asked about the droning of seven children in Afghanistan, the press secretary inexplicably brought up Biden’s deceased son Beau again. This has been a continual deflection from the administration anytime the president is asked to answer for tragedy caused at his hands.

Here’s what that looked like.

Fox News’ Bret Baier responded in pointed fashion, noting that there’s simply no comparison to be made here. But it’s the last line of his response that I think hits on something that most people are missing.


Yes, Joe Biden has experienced loss via the death of not only his son Beau, but his first wife and daughter, as well, via car accident decades go. And perhaps in some way that has given him a higher level of empathy than those who have only had grandparents and uncles die so far in their lives.

But here’s the thing: Absolutely none of that matters because it was Biden who ultimately is responsible for this strike, both because there’s no chance it happens without his approval and because it was his administration that carried it out.

Let’s game this out. Imagine that you killed your neighbor’s wife but that your own wife had died of cancer five years ago. Now, imagine you then told the guy whose wife you just murdered that you understand what he’s going through because you’ve suffered serious loss in your life. How absolutely disgusting would such a statement be? Yet, that’s exactly what Psaki, and by virtue, Joe Biden, is doing here by continually bringing up his son Beau’s death.

It’s one thing to speak from a neutral position in trying to empathize with the deaths of children. It’s a completely different thing to be directly responsible for the deaths of children and to then try to play it off as if you have any understanding of what those family members are going through.


And look, I’ve tried to handle this topic with kid gloves in the past. I never want to seem like I’m attacking Joe Biden over his deceased son. But the president has pushed things too far at this point. This is no longer an off-the-cuff mention but an obvious, coordinated White House messaging strategy. They are literally using a man that died of cancer to try to excuse the murdering of seven children. That’s absolutely gross, and it deserves to be called out and called out often.


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