The Bill for Joe Biden's Moral Depravity Comes Due

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When you write on politics, there are times when you relish being proven right. Then there are certain topics that you wish you had been wrong about. This article represents a case of the latter.


Several months ago I wrote a piece outlining the moral failure apparent in Joe Biden’s active stoking of the now-massive illegal immigration crisis on the border (see Joe Biden Has Blood on His Hands, and It’s Going to Get Much Worse). The broader point was simple – arguments over morality don’t end with mean tweets and what a president actually does has wide-ranging moral implications.

Frankly, my tolerance for lazy moral calculations ran out long ago, and while I’ve previously pointed that ire at our foreign policy establishment, it’s just as relevant to those who promote illegal immigration, especially by children.

If you think that mean tweets represent the pinnacle of moral crisis but that thousands of dead women and children resulting from Biden encouraging illegal border crossings isn’t, your priorities might be screwed up.

It’s long past time we stop living with blinders on. Joe Biden has blood on his hands in regards to the border, and it’s going to get much worse. No one made him bend a knee to the irrational, open borders advocates within his party. That was an active decision he made. Now, he owns the results, including the moral depravity that comes from them

Unfortunately, the bill has come due for Biden’s moral depravity.


“My [county] judges are asking for one thing in particular,” Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-Texas) told Newsmax. “I sit in front of them and I go, ‘If I can do one thing for you, what would that be?’ And this is the ask I’m getting. They go, ‘Tony, we need more body bags.’ And I’m going, ‘Body bags? Why do you need body bags?’ They go, ‘Migrants are dying at record numbers, and we don’t have body bags to handle the situation.’

You don’t have to take the word of a Republican Congressman either. In just a few Texas counties, 128 migrants have died so far this year attempting to cross the border.

Webb County (Texas) Medical Examiner Dr. Corinne Stern, who tracks illegal immigrant deaths in 12 South Texas counties, told CNN Wednesday that 128 migrants had died so far in those counties this year, more than triple the number that had died at the same point last year (45).

128 doesn’t sound like a lot until you realize that for every person who makes it across the border and dies within the final few miles of the trip, countless others are dying over the other 1000+ miles they are traveling. These people are trekking through an inhospitable desert, led by coyotes working at the behest of the drug cartels.

Further, even if migrants are lucky enough to make it across the U.S. border, the chances are high that they’ve been raped and/or abused along the way. Men, women, and children are being used as drug mules, and in some cases, murdered. In short, while exposure, including dehydration and starvation, is taking lots of lives, that’s hardly the only threat faced. And on the topic of exposure, deaths as a result of that will skyrocket as the summer heat sets in.


All of this was preventable. The “remain in Mexico” policy and other safe-third-country agreements the Trump administration negotiated had stemmed the flow. We’ve seen an explosion since Joe Biden took office, and it’s solely his fault. That’s become so obvious that even the President of Guatemala is placing blame where it belongs.

Do you know what you call causing a tragedy that was otherwise completely preventable by elected officials? You call it immoral. Joe Biden may be absolved of the great sin of mean tweets, but the immorality of his presidency far surpasses anything the left ever accused Donald Trump of. If our politics weren’t so wrapped up in the largely meaningless, that would be a majority opinion in Washington at this point. Compassion isn’t just defined by the words you say on cable news. It’s defined by the results of your actions, and the results Joe Biden’s actions have been morally repugnant.


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