The Latest False Claim About January 6th May Be the Most Brazen, Indefensible One Yet

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

As I write this, Democrats are holding a candlelight vigil outside the Capitol Building to mark the anniversary of January 6th. That followed a day’s worth of wildly false claims and obscene politicization in which figures like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi did their best to make Americans care about the three-hour period of unrest that occurred a year ago.


But just when you thought these partisan fanatics couldn’t possibly get any more shameless, they’ve somehow managed to top themselves. A new name has been added to the “death toll” from January 6th: Officer Billy Evans.

Of note is that Charlie Baker, ostensibly a Republican and the Governor of Massachusetts, also made the same claim before putting out an equally misleading revision.

A lot of you reading this may be asking who Bill Evans is. That’s understandable given that his death was only in the news for about eight hours after it occurred. Why? Because the circumstances of it did not fit the narrative the press and Democrats at large desired. You see, Evans was not killed on January 6th or by a rabid Trump supporter some months later. Rather, he was killed by a black nationalist and Nation of Islam supporter who rammed a barricade attempting to enter the Capitol grounds. As has become all too common in these situations, the perpetrator’s motive was never released by the authorities and the mainstream media simply had no interest in investigating it.


Yet, these absolute ghouls are trying to appropriate the death of Evans, attempting to make people believe his death was connected to January 6th. It’s absolutely insane, but it’s also not unexpected. This is the kind of thing you get when there are never any repercussions for spreading outright falsehoods. No fact-checkers will take this on. No cable news shows will call out the lie. Instead, it’ll become conventional wisdom going forward.

Let’s also note that the other names listed by Pelosi and Tim Ryan also did not die on January 6th nor is there any evidence their deaths were connected to any of the happenings of that day. Brian Sicknick died of natural causes the next day. The medical examiner found no signs of internal or external injuries nor any signs of chemical exposure (i.e. bear spray). The rest of the names are officers who later committed suicide, in some cases months after January 6th. To this point, nothing has been produced to show that they became suicidal as a result of being present at the Capitol Building that day. Regardless, in no other situation that I’m aware of are suicides ever counted as part of the death toll of an event.

In the end, the fact remains that the only people killed because of actions taken on January 6th were protestors. Those would be Ashli Babbit and possibly Rosanne Boyland, the former of which was shot by a police officer and the latter of which was shown being beaten by police on video (officials claimed she overdosed but her autopsy has been kept sealed to this point). For Democrats (and at least one Republican) to go so far as to lie about those who lost their lives that day for political gain is disgusting. It’s a gross false appropriation of death that should be completely off-limits. But in our current political environment, nothing appears to be off-limits.



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