The Lack of a Motive in the Waukesha Mass Murder Case Points to a Motive

Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office via AP

It’s now been several days since Darrell Brooks rammed his SUV into a parade of elderly women and children. As of now, at least six people have died with another 60 injured. Yesterday, doorbell camera footage was released of the moment Brooks was arrested, showing him trying to gain entry into a home to escape police pursuit.


Yet, the authorities have still not commented on any possible motive, though, they were quick to insist it wasn’t “terrorism,” however they may be defining that term. For my part, I’m of the opinion that you should be very skeptical given the lack of information.

The day after the deadly mass murder, I posted this.

Consider me standing by that assertion.

There are many reasons to suspect what Brooks did could have been politically motivated, especially in light of law enforcement choosing not to give an alternate explanation or theory. Shortly after the event took place, intrepid journalists (and for once, I’m not using that term sarcastically) began to mine Brooks’ social media accounts, which were taken offline shortly after. Ngo did not just find a man who vehemently supported Black Lives Matter, something that might raise eyebrows but wouldn’t necessarily mean much given how many others also support the group. Rather, he also found explicitly racist posts espousing black nationalism and calling for revolution.


Here’s something I can say with confidence: If Brooks supported any right-leaning cause, his social media history would be all over the news and there would be no shortage of people assigning political motivations to what he did. We only have to look at the Kyle Rittenhouse case to know that’s true, as media figures are still calling him a “white supremacist” despite no evidence to support that idea. Instead of investigating Brooks, though, The Daily Beast put out a hit piece on Ngo for daring to do his job.

Yet, in the case of Brooks, we know he was a black supremacist who had openly racist political views. But the police aren’t even going to hint at a motive? Yeah, I’m not buying that at all.

We know, per the admission of law enforcement, that Brooks committed his horrible act on purpose. Contrary to the false assertions by CNN, he was not “fleeing” another crime scene. He intentionally drove through barricades and “zig-zagged” to hit the most people. That’s not speculation. That’s what’s in the charging documents.

Now, perhaps it’s just a coincidence that a black nationalist with openly racist views drove 30 minutes to one of the whitest, most Republican areas of Wisconsin to plow into a parade, but if it is, then authorities need to provide another explanation. At the very least, they should be updating the public on whether he’s talking or not. Instead, I find their silence on any possible motive to be absolutely deafening.


And while I understand some think it’s unfair to focus on Brooks’ past views without hard evidence they mattered, I’m just not into playing that game. The way you get hard evidence, one way or the other, is to pursue leads, and his political leanings are absolutely worthy of pursuit. I’m not going to sit idly by just because the perpetrator in this case doesn’t fit the narrative the mainstream media like to push.

To be fair, I’m leaving open the possibility that Brooks has a history of mental illness and just went crazy. If that’s the case, then the authorities should say so. Yet, I find the lack of any information here points to something else. It’s simply not believable that investigators still have no inclination of why he did it.


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