Biden Babbles Incoherently With Weird Analogy During Rose Garden Ceremony

Biden Babbles Incoherently With Weird Analogy During Rose Garden Ceremony
AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Joe Biden had a signing ceremony giving the Congressional Gold Medal to members of the Capitol Police and the Metropolitan Police for their work on Jan. 6 during the Capitol riot.

We noted Biden’s continued strange and creepy behavior when he called a little girl over, pulled her to his lap, and then stuck his nose in her hair, appearing to sniff her hair.

But it’s Joe Biden. So you know that wasn’t the only strange thing that he did. If you just wait ten minutes, he’ll do something weird again.

During his remarks, he called the rioters “extremists and terrorists,” a term he never used for radical leftist rioters who burnt cities, attacked federal buildings, and killed people.

Biden mentioned Officer Brian Sicknick “losing his life” without noting he died of a stroke the day after the riot and he also mentioned the name of Officer Billy Evans who was actually killed on April 2, in the attack by a former follower of the Nation of Islam, Noah Green.

But then when he tried to praise the police officers’ actions during the riot, he got completely lost, suggesting that somehow they were comparable to the brawlers that Biden knew as a young man. Let’s play the Biden game. See if you can even figure out what he’s saying here.

From NY Post:

“All kidding aside, I got to know you,” Biden said to officers in attendance at the White House Rose Garden event.

“You’re the same ones after a ballgame in a visiting field who come walking out of the gym after you won and you may get jumped by the other team or their supporters. You may be all by yourself, the only one standing there, when you watch six people jump one of our teammates. What the hell would you do? You’d jump in, you’d jump in, knowing you’re gonna have the hell beat out of you, too.”

How is that praising the police officers when you’re comparing them, incoherently, to brawlers? Not exactly an appropriate analogy.

The only thing missing from the garble was Corn Pop. You can see Kamala hovering in the background thinking “How the heck did I get in this position?” and “It won’t be long before I grab the crown.”

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