Joe Biden Backs Plan to Rig an Election His Party Is Favored to Lose

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

I regret to inform you that Joe Biden is stumping for tyranny again. But before we get to the president, let’s engage in a thought experiment.

Imagine a world in which Republicans control all three branches of the government, and in this world, there’s a national election coming. Further, the Republicans are heavily favored to lose. Now, imagine that the GOP then spit on centuries of precedent and introduced a federal takeover of the voting system in order to try to rig that election. Lastly, when they failed to pass it via traditional legislative means, they then moved to change the rules of the Senate in order to pass it anyway.


What would the reaction be?

Would MSNBC ever shut up about the GOP destroying our “democracy”? How many op-eds would be penned in the New York Times pronouncing the end of our governmental system? Would a world record for the most mentions of the word “coup” be set? What mental institution would Joy Reid be placed in?

But while that world isn’t real, the one we actually live in includes a Democrat Party doing everything I just described. And for the first time, Joe Biden himself has endorsed the plan to rig the 2022 election by blowing up the filibuster.

Some may quibble with my use of the word “rigged,” but I think it’s more than apt. The Democrats’ legislation not only bans voter ID laws that are key to election security, but it also endorses ballot harvesting, uses taxpayer money to fund political campaigns, mandates same-day registration with no safeguards, makes mail-in voting universal, automatically registers minors, legalizes so-called “drive-thru” voting, and even sets up a system where ballots are allowed to be counted if they arrive 10 days after an election.


There is simply no justification for passing an illegitimate power grab over the nation’s election systems, and in my opinion, no justification could ever exist in any circumstance. We are a republic, and localized control of elections is a bedrock principle of our system.

Besides, can anyone point out what has happened in the last year that requires a complete overhaul of our voting systems? Democrats just made up the need for this out of thin air, and now they proclaim the country will die on the vine if it’s not passed.

And because Joe Biden is an absolute coward and puppet, he’s now fully on board with destroying the legitimacy of the Senate in order to try to rig an election. Framing it as an “exception” to the filibuster should insult everyone’s intelligence. If you can make an exception on “voting rights,” one can be made on anything. Oh yeah, and lest we forget, Democrats would like to pack the Supreme Court as well. You know, to save “democracy” or some such.

This is all really tyrannical stuff, and if the shoe was on the other foot, the gnashing of teeth from the press would never cease. Yet, instead of being condemned, Democrats are actually lauded for their dictatorial efforts. It’s absolute insanity.



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