Joy Reid's Latest Admission Could Be Mistaken for Mental Illness

The amount of delusion surrounding mask-wearing by certain individuals in the United States continues to shock those who are reasoned and care about data. MSNBC host Joy Reid is among the former group, and her latest admission could easily be mistaken for mental illness.


But the real question is, would you actually be mistaken for assuming that?

There’s a lot to unpack here, not the least of which is that if you are wearing any mask while running, vaccinated or not, you are spitting in the face of science. You are also putting your health at far more risk than anything COVID could do to you in that situation. As RedState reported, an Oregon high school student violently collapsed, smashing her head into the concrete after wearing a mask while competing in track. That was due to oxygen deprivation. If you are masking up while exercising, you are at risk for the same thing, and even if you don’t collapse, you are putting strain on your lungs that can harm your lungs in the long term.

But past that, if you are vaccinated and wearing two masks while running, you are probably mentally ill, and I don’t mean that in a snarky way. I mean that literally. To do that means you are suffering from a level of unfounded paranoia that likely needs professional help. We’ve known for at least a year that outdoor transmission of COVID while running or walking is non-existent. We’ve known for almost as long that there’s essentially no correlation between mask-wearing and the spread of the virus. Lastly, we’ve known for the last few months that the vaccine lowers re-infection and death rates to the point of almost statistical irrelevancy.


Put all of those factors together and Reid is more likely to get killed by an octopus than to get the virus while running and perish from it. Some might say to prove that via some study, but I can’t prove a negative. We have not had a single case of a vaccinated person getting the virus while exercising outside and then dying. That’s the proof.

That MSNBC continues to put someone in primetime that is as absolutely crazy as Reid boggles the mind. I know they are a liberal network, but that doesn’t mean you have to actively promote delusion and conspiratorial nonsense. Yet, here we are, with Reid spending her show promoting one of the dumbest practices known to humanity. It’s a cry for help at this point.


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