The "For the People Act" Is a Democrat Power Grab, Not a Fight for Freedom

Democrats are in full sales mode, which usually means ginning up anger toward Republicans in order to get people on board with something that is actually detrimental to their rights. At this moment, they’re putting on big performances in order to sell the “For the People Act,” (HR1) which they’ve deemed as legislation that will make it easier for everyone to vote no matter who they are.


Naturally, this is being followed with accusations that Republicans are trying to stop it. They are, but for very solid reasons. Democrats don’t want you to think about these reasons, they just want you to think Republicans are racist bigots for trying to halt the passage of the act.

Outside of speeches given by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and rants and monologues by mainstream media ghouls, there’s also a big performance number being put on by Texas Democrats who fled the Lone Star State over the fact that they were about to take a massive L to the chin with a law that would stop the “For the People Act” cold in its tracks.

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As I’ve written previously, this includes all the press attention and meetings with federal Democrat officials, including our own VP. They even put on a musical number with “We Shall Overcome” to really sell the idea that they’re fighting for Democracy while they do their best to halt its progress.

Are they fighting for freedom and equality for the people? Absolutely not.

The “For the People Act” is one of the most naked power grabs Democrats have attempted to pull off in some time. As summed up by the Heritage Foundation, HR1 is about as far from “for the people” as you can get:


H.R. 1 would federalize and micromanage the election process administered by the states, imposing unnecessary, unwise, and unconstitutional mandates on the states and reversing the decentralization of the American election process—which is essential to the protection of our liberty and freedom. It would implement nationwide the worst changes in election rules that occurred during the 2020 election and go even further in eroding and eliminating basic security protocols that states have in place. The bill would interfere with the ability of states and their citizens to determine the qualifications and eligibility of voters, to ensure the accuracy of voter registration rolls, to secure the fairness and integrity of elections, to participate and speak freely in the political process, and to determine the district boundary lines for electing their representatives.

The summary hardly does it justice, and I recommend you go and read the entire list of things the bill does, but the bottom line is that it allows the federal government to take over voting regulations within states, massively increase the chances of fraud, and censor you if you speak out against it.

Whoever the “people” are in the “For the People Act,” one thing is for sure; it’s not you. The reduction of state’s rights in favor of a more centralized government body gaining them is the opposite of freedom, and the bill is specifically meant to keep Democrats in power for decades to come with firm control over the election process.


So it’s a good thing it has a very slim chance of actually passing in the Senate and becoming law. Democrats Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema stand in the way of the passage of HR1 and then on top of that, the Senate filibuster is stopping Democrats from carrying out big-ticket items cold.

So why push it so hard?

The Capitol is a dirty place where with enough finagling, dealing, pressure, and threats, anything is possible, but the big show for HR1 isn’t necessarily about HR1, it’s about the narrative around it, and that narrative is that Republicans are racist and evil and want to make it hard for you to vote.

Like many lies the Democrats tell, there is an element of truth to it. Yes, Republicans do want to make it hard for people to vote…but only for those who shouldn’t be voting. Many of these states, like Texas, want to implement voter ID laws and purge the voter rolls of those who are no longer eligible. It’s basic security and maintenance that Democrats don’t benefit from.

But this narrative is what they want to sell, possibly even more so than HR1 itself. Why? Because midterms are around the corner and with no Donald Trump to scare the people with, they need a new boogieman, and that’s the elimination of voting rights. The media even gives it an edge by referring to state laws that implement standard voting security as “Republican voting suppression acts” as if that’s their actual name.


So if they can’t pass HR1 and take power away from you to decide how voting works in your state, they’ll make people angry enough to vote against Republicans in the upcoming midterm elections so they can secure the legislative branches and try to push HR1 again.

So it’s not “for the people,” it’s for Democrat party power, and we see how well that’s working out for us.


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