Tyrants Don't Deserve Praise

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Yesterday, the Biden Administration completed a major flip-flop in regards to CDC guidelines for masking. Less than a month ago, they were pushing masking after vaccination, a completely anti-scientific position backed by no data whatsoever and contradicted by what we know about reinfection rates.


Why did that happen? Well, if you’ve been paying attention, Biden just had his worst week ever as president. The jobs report was terrible, inflation is exploding, peace in the Middle East has been squandered, and vaccinations have slowed after the Johnson & Johnson pause. All of that called for a distraction, and yesterday’s theater about lifting mask mandates was just what the doctor ordered.

This is the same senile old man who, just a few weeks ago, wore a mask while socially distanced and trying to eat a hamburger. He’s also the same guy who literally wore a mask outside while walking to a press conference to announce you no longer have to wear masks outside.

But now we are supposed to be impressed by this sudden shift? Should we shower Biden with praise for his bold stand? Of course not. Tyrants don’t deserve praise.

This is the kind of wordplay you’d expect from a petty dictator. “Here are these two choices I’m graciously affording you as your overlord. Now, I leave the decision up to you.” Yeah, no, that’s not how any of this works. The choice of whether someone wants to get vaccinated and/or wear a mask is solely within their discretion. Dictates from on high via Twitter need not apply. There are millions upon millions of Americans right now who have natural immunity after already recovering from COVID. There are also millions of people in age ranges that aren’t statistically at risk. Many of those people will probably get the vaccine at some point in the future, but if we are going to follow the science, there is no reason to keep masks slapped to their faces when the vaccine is wildly available for all who want it right now.


I know there are some people who believe an overbearing government in this situation is necessary. I’m not among that number. Risk management is part of daily life. I do not need the government telling me what to wear on my face, especially when I’ve already had COVID and every study says immunity is long-lasting. I also don’t need Joe Biden doing his best Hugo Chavez impression by creating a dichotomy I didn’t agree to.

Here’s the bottom line — the vaccines are available everywhere now. If you want to go get it, do so and feel good about your decision. If you don’t want to rush and get it right now, that’s your choice as well. Those that choose to remain unvaccinated are taking on a level of risk they feel comfortable with or they are in the largely invulnerable groups I mentioned above. That may not make the nanny-staters happy, but this is a free country, or at least it’s supposed to be.

To wrap things up, I’m not going to thank Joe Biden for deciding he wants to be just a little less of a tyrant now that his internal poll numbers are dipping. He’s shown his true colors and his administration has no credibility left.



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