Joe Biden Gives Disgustingly False Commentary on Americans Killed in Afghanistan

AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

Noted foreign policy expert and current “Skeletor” impersonator Joe Biden flexed his extreme cowardice recently when asked about the disaster in Afghanistan. Despite his own administration officials publicly acknowledging that they advised him not to pull out in the way he did, Biden was content to lie about what transpired.


Worse, he decided to double down by claiming that the deaths of the 13 Americans who died during the botched withdrawal were inevitable.

This guy gets more sick-looking by the day, doesn’t he? The taut skin, the squinty eyes, and the slurring of his speech are not signs of a healthy man who should be leading the most powerful nation on earth. But I digress.

Let’s begin by dissecting Biden’s claim that he was “against” the war in Afghanistan from “the beginning.” That’s not just misleading, it’s an outright lie. The president voted for the use of force authorization that began the hostilities in Afghanistan. “Fact-checkers” try to massage Biden’s falsehood, one which he’s made repeatedly, by claiming he actually means the 2009 surge, not the initial invasion, but nowhere in the above clip does he make that distinction.

Further, Biden’s claim that no one offered him another way to pull out of Afghanistan that could have avoided the humanitarian disaster that followed, including the deaths of 13 American servicemembers, is another blatant lie. Gen. Kenneth McKenzie testified that he advised the president to keep 2,500 troops in the country to ensure the stability of Afghanistan’s now-former government. At another point, it was revealed that Biden turned down an offer from the Taliban to secure Kabul while the evacuation was happening.


In short, there were multiple other ways to execute the withdrawal that Biden scoffed at. Now, he wants to claim there were no other options and that dead Americans were a foregone conclusion? What an absolutely horrendous bit of commentary.

But it’s par for the course from the “leader of the free world.” As I started the article with, Biden is an absolute coward. He never wants to take responsibility for anything, and he’s even willing to spit on the graves of American service members if it means protecting himself from criticism. If we had a press that actually held him to account, he’d be getting eviscerated for his suggestion, but we don’t have that, so he’s free to lie his head off without consequence.

Despite claims to the contrary, even by some on the right (though, not as much anymore), there is nothing virtuous about Joe Biden. He’s a political wimp who has no empathy for the pain and destruction he causes. It’s ghastly to witness at times, and this latest clip is a prime example.


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