Gen. McKenzie Proves Joe Biden and Mark Milley Are Liars

As RedState reported earlier, Biden’s generals are on Capitol Hill attempting to defend themselves from criticism over the disastrous withdrawal and subsequent evacuation from Afghanistan. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin kicked things off by making the case for his own resignation, but that was hardly the only newsworthy item.


Mark Milley set out to defend his pledge to commit treason to the Chinese by playing a clever game of obfuscation. You see, it’s apparently fine to provide aid and comfort to our communist enemies, including saying he’d do so during a military attack, as long as Milley had general permission to make phone calls to his Chinese counterparts. Yet, I’m pretty sure the Trump administration never gave Milley the go-ahead to tell a PLA general that he’d tip them off in the case of a surprise attack. But I digress; we knew his defense was going to be absurd.

Then there’s Gen. McKenzie, who made some very interesting comments today regarding what was known at the time about the situation in Afghanistan.

You’ll recall that Biden has previously asserted that no one ever advised him that the Afghan army could collapse as it did. You’ll also recall that Biden claimed in an interview that no one recommended keeping 2,500 troops in Afghanistan. Those were already suspected to be lies, but with McKenzie’s statement, we now have on-the-record testimony proving they were.

Here are Biden’s comments regarding the withdrawal itself per RedState’s coverage at the time.


“No they didn’t. It was split. That wasn’t true,” Biden told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos when asked about the recommendation, which was reported by The Wall Street Journal and other outlets in April.

When pressed, Biden was adamant that military leaders did not argue against his plan to withdraw all troops by Sept. 11.

“No,” Biden told Stephanopoulos in the interview, portions of which aired early Thursday on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “No one said that to me that I can recall.”

Instead of being truthful, Biden repeatedly claimed in press conferences that his military leaders were telling him that it was either a full withdrawal or an escalation of the war that would require a troop increase. Yet, his generals are now saying, “Nope, we recommended keeping the same 2,500 there.”

Past that, here are Biden’s lies about the Afghan army collapsing, per USA Today.

In a July news conference, Biden had rejected the idea that a Taliban takeover was inevitable.

“No, it is not,” he said.

Hadn’t his own intelligence community made that conclusion?

“That is not true,” he said.

During the ABC interview that aired Thursday, Biden said the idea that the Taliban would take over was premised on the notion that the Afghan army – which was larger and much better equipped than the Taliban – would collapse.

“I don’t think anybody anticipated that,” Biden said.

Yet, McKenzie makes it clear that not only did he anticipate it, but that he warned the president about it. Despite that, Biden went and did multiple press conferences and interviews where he pointedly lied to the American people about what he was being told would happen if he withdrew the way he intended to. Further, Milley and Austin also testified to that effect today, which means even Biden’s attempt at hedging by asserting that his generals were split isn’t true.


But McKenzie’s comments also hit Gen. Mark Milley. After the initial fall of Kabul, Milley did a press conference at the Pentagon in which he asserted that no one had predicted what transpired. That’s in direct conflict with McKenzie’s assertion that he predicted it, a prediction that Milley now claims to have agreed with under oath.

There was a time when such deadly lies would lead to mass resignations. Unfortunately, we do not live in that time. Instead, we have Joe Biden pointing the finger at his generals — while his generals point the finger at him. And in between, there’s no accountability at all.


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