Joe Biden's Own Administration Contradicts His Afghanistan Presser Lies

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

As RedState reported earlier, Joe Biden finally held a press conference on Afghanistan, arriving almost an hour late to the event. Unfortunately, he only took four questions and left onlookers feeling even more doubt about his ability to execute the duties of his office. The president was petulant and angry at times, seemingly annoyed that he wasn’t being lavished with praise for screwing up so badly. Yet, aside from the theatrics on display, the substance of what he said was also concerning.


Multiple lies were told, including painting a completely false picture of what the conditions on the ground are in Afghanistan. In fact, his lies were so blatant that less than an hour later, his own administration was contradicting him.

For example, at one point in his presser, Biden asserted that Al Qaeda no longer existed in the nation we are now desperately evacuating from. Yet, during the Pentagon’s presser shortly after, John Kirby admitted that was untrue when pressed by Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin.

Kirby made a weak attempt to clean up Biden’s mess in the exchange, but it didn’t play well with anyone in the room. The president had not equivocated in his prior comments. Kirby attempted to do so in response, claiming that the issue is whether Al Qaeda has a certain level of operational capability. Yet, that’s not actually the issue at hand nor what Biden had claimed. The issue is whether Al Qaeda can recruit and then reach a level of operational capability that then becomes an international threat again.


Past that, Biden had also, in stunning fashion, claimed that Americans weren’t being harmed on their way to the airport and that no intelligence exists that the Taliban aren’t allowing them through unscathed. Reports on the ground have shown that to be false for days now, with another one dropping this afternoon.

But Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin contradicted Biden’s comments shortly after they were made, saying that what the Taliban were doing is unacceptable.

Keep in mind that Biden was supposedly briefed this morning on the situation in Afghanistan. Are they just not telling him things, fearful that he’ll compromise the evacuation? Or is Biden just lying through his teeth hoping that the press will cover for him and this will all blow over by next week?


I don’t think the answer really matters. What matters is that Biden lied and people died (and will continue to die). He is not fit to be president, physically, mentally, or otherwise. This is a man who should be in a retirement home, not getting defensive with reporters who gave him pre-written questions to prepare for. For all the talk from the media about how “chaotic” the Trump administration was, we never saw anything like this. This is next-level stuff, and it’s highly disturbing.


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