UPDATE: U.S. Military Death Toll Skyrockets in Kabul, Car Bomb Confirmed

AP Photo

RedState reported earlier that four U.S. soldiers had been killed in a dual suicide bomb attack in Kabul, Afghanistan. That occurred as the fanatic evacuation of Americans and Afghan allies was continuing.


Tragically, the death toll has skyrocketed. According to Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin, “at least” 12 U.S. soldiers have been killed. She also mentioned on-air that a car bomb was involved, which explains the sheer amount of carnage we are seeing.

The death toll on the Afghan side has also risen, with at least 60 people dead, though that number is also likely to rise. Video from the scene showed piles of bodies in the street and in the canal that surrounds that part of the airport. Children are among the dead.

For his part, Joe Biden has yet to speak, nor has any member of his administration. It has now been hours and the American public remains completely in the dark about what’s actually happening and what the response will be. To call this a dereliction of duty is an understatement.


Questions are now being asked about how such a complex attack could have made it through the Taliban’s ring of security, which included multiple checkpoints. Were Taliban soldiers paid off? Were they involved? Or was this truly carried about by a separate group? We don’t have those answers and we may not for some time.

What is unconscionable is the silence from the White House. Over the last 18 months, zero U.S. soldiers had died in Afghanistan. We now have at least 10 deaths in a single day when the war is supposed to be over. There’s no way the administration can just ride this out. A response will be required, whether it’s a military attack, resignations, or a combination thereof.


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