Chris Cuomo's Senior Producer at CNN Indicted for Disgusting Crime

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As a writer at RedState, I’m obviously not a big fan of the “most trusted name in news.” CNN’s track record of overt political bias, professional misconduct, and outright false reporting could fill many volumes. But what makes it all the worse is the undeserved attitude of superiority that the network’s executives and hosts ooze out of every fiber of their being.


CNN is even shameless enough to have an entire news division, led by Brian Stelter, that exists simply to throw stones at Fox News. But the log in their own eye is the size of a sequoia, as evidenced by the recent scandal involving Chris Cuomo.

After his brother was accused of sexual harassment and sexual assault, Chris Cuomo lept into action, using his journalist connections to not only help with the cover-up but to actively try to destroy the reputations of those who were speaking out against Andrew Cuomo. Only after the situation became absolutely untenable, including a sexual harassment allegation against Chris Cuomo himself, did CNN finally cut bait.

Now, more evidence of just how toxic the environment at CNN is has emerged. One of Chris Cuomo’s former senior producers, John Griffin, has been indicted for sexually abusing a nine-year-old girl and grooming others.

Note to Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy: Maybe what Tucker Carlson said last night that offended your sensibilities isn’t so important compared to this? Perhaps this is the kind of disgusting scandal in media that actually deserves top billing in that newsletter you put out?

CNN will largely ignore this, though, because this is what they’ve become — a far-left network of disrepute that prefers the smell of its own farts to actually cleaning up the corruption in its midst. After all, having Jim Acosta repeatedly cuss about Fox News on-air is what truly matters, right? Recall that even as Chris Cuomo left the network in disgrace, Don Lemon sang his praises on-air. That should give you an idea of how out of control things are over there. The inmates run the asylum, and that’s leading to some horrific results.


I don’t know how Jeff Zucker continues to keep his job after this. It’s not like CNN is doing well in the ratings under his leadership. They are consistently a distant third to the other two major cable news networks. And frankly, even if CNN was at the top of the heap, that wouldn’t excuse allowing this kind of stuff to happen under Zucker’s leadership.

Heads need to roll over there, and perhaps with Discovery taking over ownership next year, they finally will.


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