Report: Chris Cuomo and Andrew Cuomo Aides Schemed to Smear Janice Dean

Report: Chris Cuomo and Andrew Cuomo Aides Schemed to Smear Janice Dean
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If there’s one person who has stood tall even as most of the rest of the media was slobbering all over New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, it was Fox meteorologist and weather anchor Janice Dean.

Dean — whose parents-in-law had died in nursing homes in New York after Andrew Cuomo passed his deadly nursing home order — had a personal stake in seeing truth and justice prevail. While the governor was still being promoted on his brother’s CNN show, Dean was doing the work, trying to bring the scandal to the attention of anyone she could.

Andrew Cuomo was finally forced to resign — albeit not for the nursing home scandal — but because of sexual harassment allegations. Then Chris Cuomo was fired from CNN for his involvement in helping his brother’s defense. That allegedly involved trying to dig up things on his brother’s accusers. There were also new allegations that Chris had committed sexual harassment of another co-worker — which might have been the tipping point in him getting fired from CNN.

But apparently, the Cuomos can always go lower. Now, there’s new information that the Cuomo team may have also been trying to smear Janice Dean in their efforts.

From NY Post:

According to a source, canned CNN anchor Chris wanted to fight to defend his brother and texted with Andrew’s staff about how to discredit Dean.

The source said Chris allegedly asked in a text to an Andrew Cuomo staffer how he could go after “this Fox weather bitch……Any help painting her as a far right crazy?”

It is also believed he participated in calls with the governor’s staff, including Melissa DeRosa, about how to hit back at Dean by focusing on her political leanings. However, as a meteorologist, she doesn’t usually get involved in politics.

That wasn’t going to work since Dean wasn’t very political. But even if she had been, what a despicable move by Chris Cuomo and the rest. They didn’t care at all about her parents-in-law or how Andrew Cuomo’s actions may have harmed them and thousands of others. They just wanted to shut her up because she was having an effect, and drawing attention to the horrible things Andrew Cuomo had been done.

Dean responded to the report that they had been trying to smear her, saying “this was never about politics.”

“I watched first-hand how the governor’s office treated grieving families trying to get answers about the March 25th 2020 executive order to admit over 9,000 COVID positive patients into nursing homes.

“Instead of addressing our concerns or expressing their condolences, Cuomo’s spokesperson Rich Azzopardi called us a ‘death cult.”

She continued, “Over the last year and a half I have seen victims of Andrew Cuomo and those demanding accountability demeaned and smeared in the press and on social media.

“And now, with the release of texts and testimony from the AG report, we have seen black and white proof of both Azzopardi and Melissa DeRosa spending many hours of their days in office trying to smear Cuomo’s victims and retaliating against them instead of working hard to help New Yorkers and their families during a once in a lifetime pandemic.

“So while I am not surprised to hear that the Cuomo’s administration alongside his brother Chris Cuomo were doing the same with me, I am glad these details are coming to light.

“None of these people cared about our families. They only cared about themselves and abused their power to try and stifle our voices. We’ve only asked for answers as to why our families were put in danger and the reasoning behind the massive cover up of their deaths.”

Imagine referring to the families of those who had died as a “death cult.” This was how evil these people were. Andrew Cuomo was the guy the media and Democrats were promoting as a presidential prospect and lauding as a hero.

But in the end, the truth triumphed, due in no small measure because of the constant pressure from Dean.

**WARNING: the following tweet contains coarse language**

Megyn Kelly praised her, too:

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