Dr. Fauci Sets up an Impossible COVID-19 Standard Because the Tyranny Is the Point

Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via AP

You might want to sit down because I’m about to shock you. Dr. Anthony Fauci, who I’m assured does not use his position for fame and fortune, sat down to do another extended interview this week, and some of the exchanges that are starting to be released are eye-opening.

Yesterday, we got a clip of Fauci insisting that a travel ban from several African nations to protect from the new “Omicron” COVID-19 variant wasn’t necessary. But hours later, the White House announced a travel ban anyway, though it doesn’t go into effect until Monday because nothing Joe Biden does makes sense.

Now, another clip has been released, this time of Fauci giving the standard by which we should consider COVID-19 in the “rearview mirror.” Here’s what he had to say.

In what reality are we ever going to see COVID-19 reach the point where it’s “so low” that we can start thinking of other things? Now, that’s not to say that you can’t start thinking of other things regardless of what the virus is doing. Many of us have been doing that for well over a year, forgoing mandates and lockdowns while choosing personal responsibility and freedom. Still, there is no indication that levels of COVID-19 are ever going to be “low” again.

Thus, Fauci appears to be setting an impossible standard in order to keep the mitigation and hysteria flowing indefinitely. Let’s try to flesh that out a little more, though.

COVID-19 is an airborne and particle-spread respiratory virus. It is clearly endemic and seasonal just as the flu is, as shown by two years of seasonal spikes in different parts of the country. For reference, there were 35,000,000 symptomatic cases of the flu from 2019-2020. That amounted to 16,000,000 people seeking medical care, from a doctor’s visit to being in the hospital.

Next, let’s dive into what exactly “low” means to Fauci. We know that in the past he’s proclaimed that the threshold for relaxed mitigation measures (masks, lockdowns, etc.) is 10,000 cases a day. That comes out to only 3,650,000 cases a year. If we assume that his definition of having the virus under control has not changed (not a safe bet, given how much his flip-flops), then he is essentially saying that the pandemic never ends.

And that’s just fine with Fauci because the tyranny is the point. The control is the point. Making you bow to his will is the point. He certainly does not care about the constitutional questions that are currently at play, but even past that, he’s not even willing to set a standard that can be reached whereby he finally rides off into the sunset. For him, COVID-19 means fawning interviews, $1,000,000 prizes, documentaries, and book deals. If the coronavirus goes away, he goes away, and he just can’t have that.

That leaves only one option left: Do not comply.

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