The Name of the New COVID-19 Variant Perfectly Encapsulates the Lunacy of Our Response

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You’ve probably heard by now that there’s a new “variant” of COVID-19 spreading in Africa. Actual information on what that means is short, with African officials largely downplaying the threat while Western officials are completely losing their minds. So yeah, things are going about as you’d expect.


This new variant also has an official name per the World Health Organization: Omicron. At first glance, that might seem like an odd choice, but it’s actually a letter in the Greek alphabet, which has been the naming regime for COVID-19 since the Alpha variant.

But if you know the Greek alphabet, you may have noticed that they skipped a letter. Originally, what is now called being called the Omicron variant was called the Nu variant because Nu was next in line, though an official designation hadn’t come yet. That was the name used in most of the media reports I can find prior to yesterday. But then the WHO renamed the variant to Omicron.

So, what was the letter that all that shifting managed to skip over?

Yes, you read that right. Had things stayed on track, the next variant would have been the “Xi” variant. That just so happens to be the name of Chinese dictator and Winnie the Pooh enthusiast Xi Jinping. So, while the powers that be still refuse to assign any blame to China for infecting the world with the coronavirus through a series of lies and cover-ups, we are now changing the names of variants to protect the feelings of the dictator who made it all happen. If that doesn’t perfectly encapsulate the lunacy of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, then nothing does.


When you realize everything surrounding the coronavirus is political, a lot of other ridiculous decisions start to make more sense. The WHO has a long history of being bought and paid for by the Chinese. RedState has reported extensively on the corruption involved, as well as the sandbagging of investigations into the origins of the virus. Apparently, the knee-bending continues with this new naming decision.

It is absolutely absurd for the world to rush to protect a dictator from being offended when that dictator is largely responsible for a pandemic that has caused millions of deaths around the world. But here we are, with the world’s most powerful health organization doing the bidding of genocidal communists. I’m sure that will all work out fine in the end.


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