Dr. Fauci's Comments on New COVID-19 Variant and the Origins of the Virus Give the Game Away

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In case you haven’t heard, there is supposedly a new COVID-19 variant spreading in South Africa. Per reports, for what they are worth, it is far more transmissible than prior incarnations of the virus while also evading the current vaccines.


I have my doubts about such wild claims given how invested governments and certain corporations are in spreading hysterical fear to justify draconian measures. Still, there’s no downside to being cautious, and that leads me to Dr. Anthony Fauci’s latest comments.

When asked about the new variant, Fauci punted on banning travel from South Africa. That comes amid announcements from multiple European countries that they are doing so.

When would the data say it’s necessary? After it’s already here and spreading? I simply don’t understand the logic here. Wouldn’t the goal be to stop that variant from coming to the United States in the first place?

This is why I don’t take this man seriously. Captain lockdown mandate man has never had a problem with taking harsh measures when it comes to the coronavirus. He’s supported everything from forced vaccinations to mask mandates to shutting down sports arenas. He spends every weekend giving interviews to friendly media proclaiming how dangerous the virus is.

Yet, when the opportunity comes up to do something as simple as stopping air travel from a country with a new variant, he demurs. Why? Why is willing to crush liberties and violate the constitution domestically, yet gets squeamish when it comes to our borders (including the Southern Border)? That is something actually within the federal government’s purview.


Fauci also commented on the origins of COVID-19, where he was confronted with the fact that not even the Chinese are still pushing the wet-market theory. His answer should only raise more suspicions about exactly what is motivating him.

He’s like a kid that just won’t take no for an answer. If you actually watch Fauci in the clip trying to explain why it likely came from bats, it’s clear his knowledge on the subject is limited. He stumbles several times and refuses to accept the notion that the virus didn’t originate in a wet market. Even as the evidence that the virus leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology exists, Fauci continues to toe a line that protects China.

That’s where I say he gives the game away. You look at these two answers, one about a travel ban and another about the origins of the virus, and they are both soaked in politics. In the first case, it seems as if Fauci is concerned he would be accused of xenophobia for recommending we ban travel from an African nation. Otherwise, why not just play it safe? In the second case, he’s steadfastly married to a claim that just so happens to follow the leftwing’s preferred narrative, which is that the virus occurred naturally. As a bonus, it plays into his prior subservience to China as well.


Fauci is a man who enjoys the spotlight, but he’s also a man who adjusts his positions to keep him. That’s why so few trust him anymore. He’s simply a political actor masquerading as an unbiased expert.


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