The Most Tone-Deaf Response to the Inflation Crisis Imaginable Goes Forth

The Most Tone-Deaf Response to the Inflation Crisis Imaginable Goes Forth
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Over the last week, the nation has gotten more bad news on the inflation front. First, we got the producer price number that clocked in at an all-time high of 8.6% year over year. A few days later, the consumer price number dropped, showing a 31-year high of 6.2 percent, year over year. Worse, inflation on the products and commodities Americans use the most is far higher. Things like groceries and energy costs are firmly in the double digits, as far as price hikes go.

Naturally, the crunch people are feeling has hit Joe Biden and his party hard, as far as approval goes. We’ve seen the president hit fresh lows recently, while the generic ballot is showing Republicans up by ten points, enough to absolutely wipe out Democrats in the mid-terms.

With all that said, those on the left, including almost the entirety of the mainstream media, are stuck trying to explain away the problems Americans are dealing with. Thus, you get Stephanie Ruhle providing the most tone-deaf commentary yet, in my opinion, on the inflation crisis.

The elitism and disconnect here are truly a sight to behold. Ruhle actually argues — without a hint of how tone-deaf she is — that Americans have the money to pay for the massive inflation we are seeing. She even includes a social security graphic showing payments have increased.

Now, on a factual level, Ruhle’s assertion is simply asinine. Inflation has outpaced wage growth, and even then, current wage growth is mostly driven by low-wage jobs paying more to fill positions, not those in the middle-class getting raises. Your average family of four, with one parent in a career position, is having to absorb gas prices that have doubled, home heating prices that are skyrocketing, and a grocery bill that sees them paying more for everything from meat to eggs to cereal.

Ruhle doesn’t care, though. This is all an abstract game to someone with her wealth, and it’s one she’s dedicated to winning simply for political reasons. She could be a voice for the vulnerable. Instead, she’s spitting on them to carry water for a nearly 80-year-old, senile president.

But it wasn’t just Ruhle making ridiculous comments, though I think her segment takes the top prize. Here’s Donna Brazile on ABC News this morning, telling people to just shop smarter and that inflation isn’t a new issue.

BRAZILE: Oh, God, inflation has been going up for the last three years. I go to — I go to Safeway —

CHRISTIE: Come on, Donna.

BRAZILE: I go — look, look, you’ve got to be —

CHRISTIE: Not 6 percent (ph).

BRAZILE: Look, you — you’ve got to be smart when you go out and shop today, OK, whether you’re looking for Jiffy cornbread, which used to be three for $1 and it went up to 87 cents, or if you’re buying gas. And if you’re buying it in the inner city, it’s 10 cents more than if you go out just further out.

What an economically illiterate thing to say. Here’s the thing. Inflation is always happening. The target is usually around 2 percent a year. We are seeing numbers over 3x that, and no, we were not seeing that in 2019/2020, as Brazile asserts. She’s simply wrong, and once again we see a rich media member unable to even admit there’s an actual problem.

The solution here is not to “shop smarter.” It’s to have a government that stops kneecapping mainstream America so that a bunch of far-left progressives on the coasts can feel good about themselves. What Ruhle and Brazile are doing isn’t going to help their cause either. Rather, it’s going to turn more people off. They can not bully people into not caring, and the last thing Americans want right now are lectures from privileged, beltway elites about how to shop.

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