Joe Biden Hits a New Low as the Administration Takes a Baseball Bat to Middle-Class Americans

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How low can he go? That’s a question I think we’ll be asking a lot over the next year as the country presses forward through the self-inflicted supply chain and inflation crises. Previously, Joe Biden’s approval had bottomed out at 38%, an absolutely horrific number for a first-year president. But he can apparently go lower, as a new poll now has him at 37%.


Interactive Polls, which called Glenn Youngkin’s win almost exactly on the nose, shared the grim news for the administration yesterday.

Some of this is baked into the cake. Republicans obviously can’t stand Biden and that’s not changing. On the other side, perhaps the president could improve his topline with Democrats as some of them may be disapproving due to him not getting the “Build Back Better” agenda passed. But it’s those numbers with independents that should keep White House staffers up at night. He’s sitting only 26% with the group that will almost certainly decide the 2022 election beyond.

So what’s causing this? I’d suppose that it’s stuff like this.

Did you get all that? With the supply chain crisis crushing middle-Americans, Biden has decided to grab a baseball bat and break their knees in the process. The idea that nuking truck drivers over vaccine mandates won’t further collapse the supply chain is asinine. It’s also a completely unnecessary action even if you believe that vaccine mandates are a good thing (I don’t, but to play devil’s advocate). Truck drivers ride in trucks by themselves all day. There is no logic behind a mandate at all.


But as I’ve said many times during this entire ordeal, vaccine mandates aren’t about science. After all, everyone spreads COVID so you aren’t going to end the pandemic with vaccines nor do you need to “protect” the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. No, this is all about power. Biden and his leftwing cohorts get their high off of making Americans jump when they command.

Last Tuesday showed that many Americans have woken up from their slumber, though. No one is buying the harmless, moderate Joe act anymore. His policies are destroying the economy, rewarding the rich (see: SALT tax relief Democrats are pushing through), and making things far worse than they have to be, pandemic or no pandemic. Instead of correcting course, Biden is simply doubling down, and that portends much more suffering ahead. It also points to huge GOP majorities being gained next year.


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