Devastating New Numbers for Democrats Point to a Red Tsunami Building

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The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll is out, and while it’s rarely been kind to the GOP in the past, things have flipped on their head over the last several months. Joe Biden is now at his lowest approval in the series, but that’s not even the worst news for Democrats.


Take a look at these generic ballot numbers.

A GOP +10 environment isn’t just ripe for a red wave. It’s ripe for a red Tsunami the likes of which we haven’t seen in modern history for Republicans. You could be talking about a 60 seat pick-up when the House is currently almost evenly divided.

But while Republicans are already heavily favored to take the lower chamber, the numbers in the Senate battleground states also put the upper chamber firmly in play.


Yes, you read that right. That’s a GOP +23 result in the states that will decide the Senate next year. Honestly, it’s such a great number for Republicans that I’m prone to dismiss it as too good to be true. Yet, even if these numbers are off several points, you are still talking about the Democrats losing both majorities next year.

Earlier in the week, Republican Chris Sununu announced he won’t be running for Senate despite being the heavy favorite against Democrat Maggie Hassan. But if the GOP is running well ahead in New Hampshire, whoever comes out of the Republican primary may very well take that seat anyway. The real surprise may come in Nevada, though, where a shift in Hispanic support toward the GOP could power another pick-up.

And, of course, while isn’t the most shocking or important part of this poll, Joe Biden’s numbers are continuing to absolutely tank. All those retweets from Ron Klain about a rebound have fallen flat. There is no rebound and if I’m placing bets, there won’t be a rebound. This president is not capable of changing the way Bill Clinton did during his first term, and those who truly run the Democrat Party are content to keep doubling down on what’s driving Americans into the arms of Republicans.


Sure, the caveat is always that things could change, but I’m not seeing a scenario where things shift so much that Democrats can save themselves at this point. They’ve dug the hole too deep and the cake is nearly baked. The margins may change, but the GOP is positioned to absolutely romp next year.

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