The Latest Inflation Numbers Will Have You Punching Walls and Voting Against Democrats

With the holiday season entering its beginning stages, Americans are scrambling to figure out how to operate in the current economic environment. Obviously, the supply chain crisis has made it difficult to get some items, including things you’d often seen bought for Christmas such as electronics. But it is the inflation spike the country is suffering through that is putting the most hurt on the middle-class.


As RedState has reported, past reports have delivered bad news over the last several months, nearing or beating record highs. September brought news of a 13-year high for consumer inflation, led by hikes in gas and food products. In July, the nation saw its highest producer price inflation on record at 7.8%.

Well, that was the highest on record until now. October’s report is out and we’ve reached another record high, with producer price inflation rising to 8.6% year over year.

Producer price inflation directly affects the costs for consumers, and things just keep getting worse. If these cost increases for raw materials do not slow down, the inflationary boom will simply continue all the way down the line.

Nothing about this feels temporary or transitory as the Biden administration has continually suggested. Rather, it feels like the system is out of control, spurred by too much funny money being pumped into the system by a government that simply doesn’t care about how much it harms people. And to top it off, 13 Republicans just helped the Democrats pass another trillion-dollar spending bill that is sure to make matters worse.


But hey, we’ve got Pete Buttigieg, whose failures as Transportation Secretary have exacerbated the supply chain crunch, riffing about racist bridges so do we really have anything to worry about?

This administration is just a joke and a vindictive one at that.  Biden could greenlight Keystone XL and stop the pause on federal oil and gas leases tomorrow so as to provide some relief for Americans. He won’t, though, because he simply doesn’t care. The “empathizer-in-chief” is not actually empathetic at all. Rather, Biden is a selfish, self-absorbed old man who would rather see people suffer so he can build a “legacy” as a transformational figure.

There is a solution, though. Stop voting for Democrats who actively chose to put the country in this precarious position. It’s really not that difficult of a concept to grasp.


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