It Sure Looks Like Terry McAuliffe Is Preparing to Claim the Virginia Election Was 'Stolen'

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You’ve probably noticed a pattern over the last several years. Perhaps even the last several decades. Questioning election results, no matter how close or how many issues, is completely off-limits for Republicans. If you do so, not only are you a sore loser, but you are literally attacking “democracy.”


Of course, those rules don’t apply to Democrats, and Virginia’s Terry McAuliffe is one of the best examples of that. One of the original challengers of presidential elections, McAuliffe is on tape claiming that Bush stole the 2000 and 2004 elections. He also brought in “voter suppression” queen Stacey Abrams to campaign for him recently, where insinuations that Brian Kemp rigged the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race emerged in her stump speech.

Then things really broke yesterday. It was reported that McAuliffe has retained Marc Elias, the renowned election conspiracy theorist who unsuccessfully challenged a 2020 Iowa election. RedState went on to report later that evening that McAuliffe was trying to kill the story, essentially an admission that it’s true.

Here’s a screenshot of the email per our own Nick Arama.

So who is Marc Elias? You may remember that name from his connection to the Hillary Clinton campaign. It was Elias’ firm that pushed the false Alfa Bank story in an attempt to take down Donald Trump in 2016. Recently, John Durham indicted Michael Sussmann, one of Elias’ colleagues, over the matter. It’s likely Elias himself is in the crosshairs as well.

Since then, Elias has moved on to another scam, which includes raising money from gullible Democrats to file long-shot challenges to essentially all election-related moves by Republicans. Whether we are talking voter integrity laws or a GOP candidate simply winning a close election, he’s there to gum up the court system.


Elias has already been defeated recently in Arizona when he attempted to sue over their election security bill. That set a new precedent that is likely to see similar laws in Georgia, Florida, and Texas prevail if they come before the Supreme Court. In other words,

That’s who McAuliffe just hired. A grifting joke of a lawyer who abuses the judicial system to bilk Democrat grandmas out of cash. That can only mean one thing: McAuliffe is preparing to claim the 2021 Virginia gubernatorial race was stolen.

It’s the same old playbook. Scream about voter suppression while suing after a loss. All the while, these same people insist that any questioning of the electoral system by the right is destroying the country. That seems just a tad bit hypocritical, doesn’t it? But McAuliffe knows he can get away with it so why not take the shot in the event Youngkin comes out victorious next week?


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