Virginia Democrats Pull out the 2020 Playbook

The race for the governor’s seat in Virginia comes to its conclusion next week, and Democrat Terry McAuliffe remains in a fierce battle with Republican Glenn Youngkin. Despite the fact that Virginia is solidly blue, largely due to the more recent leftward population shift in the northern portion of the state, Youngkin appears to actually have a chance at securing a ground-shaking victory.


That means the old playbook must be brought out. It started with unfounded claims of voter suppression marked by the entry of failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams into the mix. Yesterday, Barack Obama echoed the sentiment, claiming that Republicans are “systemically” preventing Americans from voting.

Then there’s the Post Office. You may recall that during the 2020 election, Democrats (including Joe Biden) made the federal mail system a target, claiming that they were purposely removing mailboxes to stop mail-in ballots from being delivered. That was, of course, a ridiculous lie backed by no evidence whatsoever.

But hey, why not do it again? The playbook remains the same and Virginia Democrats are suing USPS over claims of disenfranchisement.

The Virginia Democratic Party filed a lawsuit against the United States Postal Service (USPS) on Friday for allegedly failing to process and deliver election-related mail on time, contending the delays are “threatening to disenfranchise” thousands of voters ahead of next month’s contentious gubernatorial election.

The lawsuit argues that while problems are being observed throughout the commonwealth, the “significant delay in election mail” in Albemarle, Portsmouth and James City counties is “particularly egregious.”

The party is alleging that thousands of ballots delivered to postal facilities by general registrars in those counties are “still outstanding” and have yet to be scanned into USPS’s system.


What’s so ironic about this is that Democrat policies have caused the worker shortages and supply chain delays that have thrown the USPS into chaos. The mail service has been seeing major delays for months and they have nothing to do with the Virginia election. All the White House can do is laugh about the problems, but the moment Democrats think they can turn the matter into an issue to claim voter suppression, the narrative changes.

This also shows the stupidity of mass mail-in voting. You are adding additional variables that are completely unnecessary for the vast majority of voters. Obviously, the chances of fraud increase when you make it easier to steal and harvest ballots, something that has become a hallmark in California. Past that, you are then reliant on a third party to ensure a ballot is delivered and returned. There’s a reason going to the polls has been the preferrable way to vote for the entirety of US history. The only reason things have become so complicated is that Democrats see mass mail-in voting as a shortcut to victory. There’s no logical reason for it and plenty of reasons to avoid it.

So what’s the Democrat plan here? It’s likely to demand an extension for the voters they claim are being disenfranchised. And you can bet those ballots would turn out to be just enough to push McAuliffe over the finish line. The only tactic left to deploy after that would be to have Fairfax County report its results late. I’m sure that will happen, too, and then we could get the true 2020 election experience.



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