Terry McAuliffe Deliciously Walks Right Into Trap of His Own Making Over the 'Big Lie'

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Anytime a Democrat gets hilariously hoist with their own petard, it is “chef’s kiss” perfection, and Virginia Democrat gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe getting hoist with his, as his campaign is in the middle of imploding, is no exception to that rule.


For months now, McAuliffe has alleged that Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin is a clone of former President Trump, which he thinks will score him points in a purple/blue state that went for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Joe Biden in 2020. Where he’s tried to hit Youngkin hardest on this point is over the so-called “Big Lie” from some Republicans including Trump about the 2020 election allegedly being rigged.

While Youngkin has shown a commitment to election integrity including by way of calling for an audit of Virginia’s voting machines, he’s also said on a number of occasions that Joe Biden won in 2020. In spite of that, the allegations from McAuliffe and his campaign about Youngkin and the “Big Lie” persist.

But last night during a roundtable discussion, McAuliffe deliciously fell into a trap of his own making over stolen election claims when WAVY reporter Anita Blanton, who also embarrassed him during a heated exchange over Critical Race Theory, asked him about his past comments on the 2000 and 2004 elections being “stolen.”

Watch below as McAuliffe repeatedly trips over himself, refusing to say former President George W. Bush fairly won his presidential election contests. This went on for nearly two and a half minutes, giving Youngkin’s campaign loads of material to work with going into the final weeks of the campaign:


Youngkin’s team has also hit McAuliffe on this point every time McAuliffe invokes the “Big Lie” into an argument:

To make matters worse, guess who McAuliffe has brought in to scold Youngkin for supposedly trying to subvert democracy? Failed 2018 Georgia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams, who to this very day has refused to admit she lost to Republican Brian Kemp:

“We have seen layer upon layer of attempting to subvert elections starting now as a build-up to what could happen in 24,” Abrams told Hayes before expressing support for Democrats’ efforts to nationalize elections. “This is a slow-moving but very aggressive and relentless attempt to undermine our democracy using our very laws against us.”


“An audit evaluates what was done but usually what precipitates an audit is either a concern or a practice and what they are asking for is to throw out the practical practice of how we hold our elections and instead respond to false concerns that do not exist,” Abrams said. “And they use that as a predicate to then promulgate new laws [that] will make it even harder to protect our elections the next time.

“Glenn Youngkin is being seduced by or willfully participating in the subversion of our democracy. And he should be rejected for that reason.”


LOL! You could not make this stuff up if you tried. You just couldn’t.

Regardless of one’s opinion on the 2020 presidential election, the very last people who should be lecturing others on accepting the outcome of election results and moving on are people who have shown themselves to be unable to do so themselves, especially some three years to two decades after the elections in question took place.

This is the trap Democrats have set for themselves, McAuliffe arguably more so than the rest, considering his storied history on this very issue. Contra to their assertions about Republicans, it’s Democrats who have routinely undermined elections in both actions and words going back to well before 2000, routinely alleging in elections they lost that somehow Republicans worked behind the scenes to subvert the will of the voters or whatever or through gerrymandering, a laughable claim with which Republicans in North Carolina who were out of power for over a century in the state legislature, thanks in part to Democrat machinations on gerrymandering, are very familiar.

You don’t get to be a leading voice in proclaiming elections were rigged and then turn around and scold others for questioning outcomes of later elections. That said, not even Youngkin has questioned the outcome of 2020. That’s simply a caricature of him that McAuliffe has manufactured in hopes people won’t dig too deeply into his own history.


Unfortunately for him, not only has Youngkin’s team done their homework on this topic but so have some in the local media, as last night’s back and forth shows.

As I said before, McAuliffe is behaving like a guy who is on the ropes in this campaign, not someone who was ahead by a polling average of between four and five points before last Tuesday’s debate. We’ve seen a remarkable turn of events in a short amount of time, and with just a few weeks to go until Election Day, if McAuliffe doesn’t get back on track, he may end up resorting to his old tricks after November 2nd by claiming that the Republican who wasn’t predicted to defeat him “stole” the seat he so clearly thinks he owns.

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