Marc Elias Melts Down Over GOP Win in SCOTUS Election Security Decision

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As I previously reported, the Supreme Court delivered a great decision on the right of states to be able to enforce rules as to election security. It was a big win for the Republicans and a crushing loss for the Democratic efforts.


The decision upheld the state’s ability to restrict ballot harvesting and to declare a vote not done in the proper voting precinct invalid. The court found the provisions were not racially discriminatory. The fact that Democrats would even argue that a restriction against voting in the wrong precinct is racist says a lot more about how racist they are than the law. That was a good decision not only for those particular types of provisions but it also bodes well for the future election security law decisions that might be coming down the pike.

How do you know how good the decision was and how bad for the Democrats?

Their legal hatchet guy, Marc Elias, who represented the DNC in the suit, had a meltdown over the decision.

“If anyone thinks that this decision will stop us from fighting for voting rights, they are wrong,” Elias ranted. “We will fight harder with every tool available to protect voters from suppressive laws.”


“If you are cheering today’s SCOTUS decision, something is wrong with you,” he claimed. “I suggest you do some deep introspection.”

I’m doing some deep introspection and cheering about how good this decision is, as well as laughing at him throwing a fit over it.

Basic question for Marc: How is anyone being barred from voting? No one. It’s Democrats making a ridiculous and racist argument about these simple rules. They don’t prevent anyone from voting. They do prevent people from voting in the wrong precinct and they do prevent funny business with ballots through ballot harvesting. That’s what Democrats are really upset about here and that’s why their anger is just so sweet. He didn’t have to bring the case, but he did and he lost big.

Let’s just say that there was a fair amount of cheering and laughing in response to Elias’ tweet. Don’t you dare, you evil people, you might upset Marc!


Tim Swain had a prediction yesterday and we have to give it up to him for being dead-on accurate.

For an additional laugh, we should note this news as well.

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals announced yesterday that they would not drop the sanctions they had previously levied in March against Elias in another voting case. The reason for the sanctions, according to Reuters? Lack of candor.


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