Fox News Gets the Last Laugh Over CNN's Brian Stelter, and the Latest News Makes it Even More Hilarious

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While Fox News generally dominates the cable ratings, with MSNBC competing well in some time slots, CNN is a fairly well-established distant third place in the cable news game. Given that the liberal network can’t compete in the arena of ideas with their opinion shows (which they laughably claim are unbiased) nor in their presentation of hard news, that leaves simply trying to tear down their competition as the only option to stay viable.


Thus, you get Brian Stelter, who I’ve been told resembles a potato, and the rest of the media division over at CNN. Do they actually hold the news industry to account? Nah, they gripe about Fox News all day.

Well, that’s not going so well. According to Fox News, Stelter’s ratings have collapsed, but there’s another revelation that makes the matter even more comical.

CNN’s struggling media program “Reliable Sources” with Brian Stelter hit another low on Sunday with its smallest audience of 2021 as the liberal program has now failed to crack the one-million viewer plateau for five consecutive weeks.

Stelter’s program averaged only 810,000 total viewers and a dismal 163,000 among the key demographic of adults age 25-54 on May 2, for its worst performance of the year in both categories.


The funniest part of this, though, was that Stelter’s show actually did better while he was on vacation. CNN might want to rethink how much they are paying the guy.

To make matters worse for Stelter, his own show performed better last week when replacement host John Avlon filled in. The Avlon-hosted edition of “Reliable Sources” on April 25 averaged 907,000 for nearly a 100,000-viewer increase over Stelter’s return.

Yeah, that’s just embarrassing, but it’s more embarrassing because Stelter and his mini-me, Oliver Darcy, have engaged in a battle they continue to get drubbed in. It’s one thing to put your product out there and let the chips fall. It’s another to wage a media jihad against your competition, attacking their advertisers in an attempt to de-platform them, and still end up getting absolutely crushed. You can respect someone who doesn’t lead in the ratings but does their best. There’s nothing to respect about how CNN, led by Stelter, has attempted to get Fox News kicked off the air via the backdoor of pressuring advertisers. Only a petty chump does something like that.


As to Stelter’s ratings in general, I’m not trying to brag, but let’s just say I’ve had more people read my articles in a given month than people who watch Reliable Sources. Perhaps his core audience of left-wing lunatics is losing their taste for the product he’s putting out? Regardless, you have to think the executives aren’t too happy when a guest host outperforms the star of the show. But hey, if they want to keep blowing their money on a low-rated, weekend show that isn’t effective at all at doing what it sets out to do (i.e. harm Fox News), more power to them.


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