Brian Stelter Tries to Dunk on Fox News Over Chyron; It Comes Back to Bite Him Big Time

Brian Stelter Tries to Dunk on Fox News Over Chyron;  It Comes Back to Bite Him Big Time
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There’s no question that CNN’s Brian Stelter is completely obsessed with trying to knock Fox News.

But it’s humorous because of his lack of self-awareness. Every time he tries to take a whack at Fox, he tends to hit himself. He’s always projecting.

So, today he tried to mock a Fox News chyron.

First, that chyron sounds pretty dead-on accurate to me.

But seriously, CNN doesn’t have any authority to talk about anyone else’s chyrons or who has an easy job. Brian doesn’t even have to wear pants apparently, and all he does all day long is talk about Fox. Can there possibly be an easier job? Well, of course he could be honest and say he’s doing it because they keep cleaning CNN’s clock and they’re green with envy — which is why they do it. But he’ll never admit that.

But let’s review some of the fun banners from CNN in the past.

There’s this fun, recent one.

There’s this completely pandering winner which Brian endorsed. But remember, they don’t take a side.

There’s this one, but fair warning, your eyes may never be the same.

Not only did Brian have difficulty with pants, his show apparently has issues with spelling their own name. He was fond of attacking President Donald Trump over typos and said that if you can’t be trusted on the small stuff, how can you be trusted on the big stuff?

So Brian, there’s this. How can we trust you?

Then there’s this one:

Some of their best had to do with their efforts to spin BLM/Antifa violence.

There was this contrafactual one.

Trump had been decrying BLM/Antifa violence for months. Joe Biden had not; he even embraced BLM at the DNC convention — they even had a BLM musical number. Until they found that the violence wasn’t doing well in the polls. Then Biden suddenly condemned random violence (albeit without naming BLM or Antifa).

Speaking of trusting CNN, it’s hard to beat this classic for sheer audacity, with the scene behind showing how completely false it was. Nothing to see here, please disperse!

Is there any wonder that people mock Brian, because he just can’t be taken seriously with all this? He works for a network that is completely biased, that essentially works as an arm for the Democratic Party.

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