CNN Viewers Have Bled off by Half Since Biden Took Office, and It Gets Worse

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CNN, the network that was already bringing up the rear, just continues to bleed viewers since Biden took office, and it’s gotten so bad that we can now say it no longer has the majority of its previous viewer count in certain demographics.


The network that made President Donald Trump’s failure its primary concern had very little to offer once Joe Biden took control of the White House, making it a one-trick pony that lost its luster after the trick was pulled off. Now, according to Fox News, it’s come down in multiple categories so fast that it’s left a crater in the Earth:

The liberal network spent years attacking former President Donald Trump and the network thrived during his final days in office amid a brief post-election spike. CNN averaged 2.2 million viewers during the first three weeks of 2021, but it has averaged just one million viewers since Biden took office, a staggering decline of 54 percent.

CNN’s struggles are even more prominent among the key advertising demographic of adults age 25-54, with a drop of 60 percent. It averaged 617,000 demo viewers from Dec. 28 through Inauguration Day but only 244,000 since Biden entered the White House.

When analyzed by prime-time hosts, it just gets embarrassing:

CNN’s liberal primetime hosts Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon haven’t been able to keep their audiences under the new administration, either.

CNN averaged 3.1 million viewers from 8-11 p.m. from Dec. 28 through Inauguration Day but only 1.4 million since for a whopping 55-percent decline. Over the same time period, CNN’s primetime lineup lost 63 percent of its viewers among the crucial demo.


If we’re being honest, CNN likely deserves this. Their overt hypocrisy, consistent falsehoods, and lack of ideological diversity made them a network worth turning off. On top of that, Project Veritas recently released a series of videos showing a technical director of CNN’s, Charlie Chester, admitting to CNN purposefully using fear and sensationalism to manipulate viewers into doing what they want them to, including vote out Donald Trump.

Chester also admitted to protecting Black Lives Matter against the numerous PR nightmares they created for themselves as well as fudging information about Congressman Matt Gaetz in order to have him booted from office.

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To be fair, news networks have taken a hit across the board. MSNBC has lost 34 percent of its viewership with 30 percent disappearing from its prime-time lineup. Even Fox News has lost some of its viewership since the election but isn’t nearly as affected as either CNN or MSNBC.




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