Official Military Twitter Accounts Start Attacking Tucker Carlson in Shocking, Highly Politicized Display

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When one makes an argument, one of the easiest ways to win said argument is to have the other side make your point for you in response. That’s exactly what happened over the last couple of days, after several official, U.S. military Twitter accounts started openly mocking and attacking Tucker Carlson.


For background, Tucker had previously leveled criticism towards the military for focusing on “diversity” and various forms of racial wokeness over military readiness (see Tucker Carlson Causes a Great Triggering After Lambasting Our Woke Military). This set off all kinds of teeth-gnashing on the left, including an unheard-of response by the Department of Defense that seemed more like something you’d see on CNN.

(see Department of Defense Prints a Disturbing, Unprofessional Attack on Tucker Carlson and Tucker Brings Straight Fire and Truth in Response to DOD’s Unprecedented Attack)

To be frank, the shift to the radical left by the military seems to be just about complete. That fact was laid bare, when several official Twitter accounts, most connected to the Marines, started openly trashing Tucker over the last two days.

Here are some of the worst examples.

What you are seeing here is a willful misrepresentation of what Tucker Carlson said, so that pudgy, woke officers can virtue signal instead of focusing on their jobs. I wasn’t aware that you needed to have been pregnant and a veteran to criticize such an obviously immature display. Are the Marines made up of twelve-year-old mean girls? That’s probably too harsh of a generalization, but those running these Twitter accounts, and those in the chain of command allowing this, are worthy of rebuke.


Besides, I’m not really sure how a woman carrying another woman on her back represents the current state of our armed forces. Or perhaps it does, in which case, it says nothing good about our abilities.

Later, The Daily Caller’s Virginia Kruta (a personal friend of this site, as well), who is a veteran herself, brought some levity to the situation and garnered a more diplomatic response.

As American Greatness senior contributor Julie Kelly points out, all this nonsense did was prove Tucker’s point for him.

The response to Tucker from the Department of Defense and these official military Twitter accounts shows that our armed forces are more focused on winning domestic PR battles than challenging Chinese aggression. Joe Biden hasn’t been in office for two months, and he’s already wrecking the military command structure with woke appointments and a total breakdown of decorum.

It’s sad and pathetic, but it’s also really dangerous. There are real threats out there, and they don’t reside in the deserts of the Middle East. That was what Tucker was getting at when he couched his criticism in questioning our ability to counter China’s ascendance and expansion. Sniping at a cable news host while flexing for the left is easy. Dealing with a global power that will soon far outpace our own economy is another thing entirely.


If Donald Trump were still president, these displays would have been a national scandal, complete with Congressional hearings. Because Joe Biden is in office, I suspect nothing will happen to discipline those that perpetrated this stupidity. Regardless, if a Republican does win in 2024, truly draining the swamp, including those in command in of our military, needs to be the top focus.


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