Department of Defense Prints a Disturbing, Unprofessional Attack on Tucker Carlson, Proving How Politicized They've Become

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Tucker Carlson earned the ire of some on the left for saying something truly radical: that maybe pregnant women should be involved in a combat zone/be fighting wars.


He spoke about how, while China is building up their Navy to be reportedly bigger than ours, Joe Biden’s focus was…maternity flight suits and updating requirements for hair styles.

Now members of the DOD responded, not to the actual question posed here – whether the DOD really planned on having women that pregnant to require maternity flight suits actually involved in battles – but accusing Tucker of being anti-women.

Now I suggested when I wrote about this story that perhaps they were trying to adjust flight suits for people that weren’t actually going into combat, who perhaps were performing tasks on the ground. But then listen to their response, they don’t even address the question raised about a heavily pregnant woman fighting, which was the question, they immediately claim the remarks are sexist and claimed he was mocking women in the military. Obviously the DOD authorized them to respond, in and of itself, unprecedented not to mention them factually being wrong.


So are they suggesting they would have heavily pregnant women flying combat missions? They’re not disputing it in those remarks.

If you thought those remarks were problematic, what the DOD published on its own site was even worse.

Take a look at what’s on the official site.

The title of their story? “Press Secretary Smites Fox Host That Dissed Diversity in U.S. Military.”


Wait, what? This is an official DOD site. Since when is it proper or appropriate to talk about “smiting” a Fox host? This is the professional military? Or is it simply now a Democratic run operation? How is it acceptable to politicize the military like this? Not to mention that the whole article is about how the Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby defended diversity in the military, again not actually answering the question raised by Carlson about heavily pregnant women flying in combat, a reasonable question given Biden’s remarks, but instead throwing out a straw man that Carlson somehow ‘attacked diversity,’ which he did not.

As people observed, fighting with a Fox host and writing Buzzfeed headlines will really convince people that they’re very professional and there isn’t a problem here at all.


They’re literally more antagonistic to a Fox host than they are to China, about whom they and we should be concerned.

But Tucker Carlson also noticed the story and will have a few things to say about their completely unprofessional response which basically proves the point he was making.

It should be a barn burner of a response, so break out the popcorn, it promises to be epic.



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