Bowser and Nationals Issue Joint Statement on 'Gun Violence' Near Ballpark, and Fail to Mention the Cause

As we previously reported, late on Saturday night, a frightening situation took place for Major League Baseball fans inside Nationals Park in Washington, D.C., as sounds of gunfire outside the stadium rang out during the sixth inning of the game being held between the Nats and visiting team, the San Diego Padres.


The NY Post reported on the injuries (which were few and “non-life-threatening”) and the flurry of activity inside the ballpark, once fans and players alike started hearing gunshots.

Three people were wounded, including a fan, but all suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Confusion after the shots were heard sent players to the stands to grab their families — and even fans, who were led into the teams’ clubhouses for safety.

Other spectators ran for the exits in panic.

Videos shared on social media revealed the pandemonium, showing some panic-stricken ballpark goers seeking shelter under tables — or more dangerously — fleeing outside the facility in a desperate search for safety.

On Sunday, the city’s mayor and the Washington Nationals ownership group released a joint statement “denounc[ing] the shooting,” per the Post:

The owners of the Washington Nationals and Washington, DC Mayor Murial Bowser on Sunday denounced the shooting outside Nationals Park that sent players and fans alike scrambling in panic.

In a joint statement, Bowser and Nationals managing principal owner Mark Lerner called the shooting “senseless” and said gunplay anywhere in the capital won’t be tolerated.

“We stand together against senseless acts of gun violence in the city we love,” the brief statement said. “Gun violence — no matter where it occurs in our city — is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

But when you read the full statement, which is below, progressive politics begin to stealthily creep into the words that ought to only strongly condemn violence happening in a place where citizens and their families should expect to feel safe.


It was shared on Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser’s Twitter account.

It read, in part:

Joint Statement by the District of Columbia and the Washington Nationals

“We stand together against senseless acts of gun violence in the city we love. Gun violence — no matter where it occurs in our city — is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

“The Metropolitan Police Department continues to work closely with Nationals security to ensure the continued safety of residents, fans, workers and all individuals in the area.

“While MPD’s investigation is ongoing, it appears the incident involved a dispute between individuals in two vehicles,” the joint statement said. “MPD does not believe the Washington Nationals, the ballpark or fans were the target.

One thing I want to point out is the use of the term ‘gun violence.’ It’s a politically-charged and — honestly — meaningless word. What actually happened, the Hill said, according to police, was that

….the incident appeared to be related to a dispute between people in two vehicles. Police believe the shooting was completely unrelated to the game.

But you’ll notice what isn’t in that police statement, or Mayor Bowser and the baseball executives’ release — any mention of what caused the terrible, scary ‘gun violence.’

Readers know that we have not been lax at RedState in reporting on the poor quality of life the citizens of our Nation’s Capital suffer under from the governance of a long-standing stream of Democrats intent on accruing power and influence for themselves over and above the health and safety of the people. It’s something Dem leaders would rather not talk about, for obvious reasons; rather they would prefer to paint a picture of themselves as benevolent rulers who sprinkle fairy dust of caring and good intentions over their cities and citizens — then point the finger of blame at those evil guns that shoot people for no reason.


But, when they can, they especially get a thrill up their legs when that blame can fall on President Donald Trump, much like Bowser, as my colleague Mike Miller wrote last June, “was embroiled in a very public feud with President Trump over Trump’s decision to deploy the National Guard to Capital streets in an effort to quell the violence.” This is just who the Left is, unfortunately.


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