BLM/Antifa Harass D.C. Diners and Residents, Attack Media and Gay Men Who Stand Up to Them

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Black Lives Matter activists accost a woman in Washington D.C. while she is eating dinner.

BLM/Antifa in D.C. was back at it this weekend, harassing people for having the temerity to eat outside at restaurants.


This BLM person started screaming at this man for filming them without their consent.

Warning for language.

It’s on a public street, there’s no law that says he can’t and no, filming her isn’t “doxxing her” or racist. But funny that she’s upset about them not having consent to film, but has no issue with invading their space and harassing them, attacking the size of the man’s penis. Guy is a boss, he just keeps filming knowing people are going to have fun with her meltdown.

They also pushed around Jorge Ventura, from the Daily Caller, who has done such a great job on the ground following the BLM actions.

They harass this guy and his puppy who stood up to them, as another gay man tries to fend them off saying, “We are with you.”


If they actually knew what the BLM was for, they likely would not be “with them.” And this experience, may have taught them a few things.

They scream at people that they are gentrifiers and that “black people used to live here.”

They then allegedly physically assault a gay man, trespass on the property and throw homophobic slurs at him. He busts them and blows kisses at them.


Drew Hernandez later interviewed the man who said the BLM had been harassing the neighborhood and attacking people for weeks. The man is a gay immigrant from Fiji.

So why are the Democratic D.C. officials like Mayor Muriel Bowser allowing this? These people are harassing diners and residents every weekend. This isn’t “protest,” this is harassment and in some cases, alleged assault. They’re literally turning people against them and hopefully opening some eyes by their fascist actions like this. People are sick of this and they don’t get why Democrats can’t or wouldn’t react and stop it.

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