D.C. Judge Gives 15 Year Old Girl The Maximum of Six Years in Custody For Carjacking Murder of Uber Eats Driver

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Earlier today a 15-year-old girl was sentenced in a Washington D.C. juvenile court proceeding to remain in juvenile detention for a period of six years as her “sentence” in connection with the carjacking murder of a Pakistani immigrant and grandfather who died when the girl and one other juvenile carjacked him and killed him in their subsequent effort to get away in his car.


The facts of this story are well-known by now.  Two teenage girls in Washington D.C. — 15 and 13 years old — carjacked Mohammed Anwar, a 66-year-old Pakistani grandfather who was working as an Uber Eats driver.  The older girl was driving the car and attempted to speed away with Anwar still holding onto the driver’s side door.  As the car rapidly accelerated and moved to the left to go around a vehicle stopped ahead of it, the open driver’s side door struck a light pole and violently slammed shut with Anwar’s body being crushed between the door and the vehicle.  The driver lost control while making a right-hand turn at a high rate of speed, causing the car to overturn.  Anwar’s body was thrown clear as the car went out of control, but he struck an iron fence along the side of the road.

The video is set forth below, but BE WARNED the video is very graphic and some might find it disturbing.

The sentence imposed is the maximum possible in juvenile proceedings.  It means the girl will remain in juvenile detention facilities until her 21st birthday.  At that point, by law, she must be released.

The girl’s name has never been publicly disclosed.

Reporting from local media outlet WUSA9, the CBS affiliate in Washington D.C., agreed to not name the girls, or otherwise identify them, in order to be granted access to the juvenile court hearings, which were held remotely via WebExdescribed.  The reporter for WUSA9 the courtroom comments as follows:


The judge called it an “unthinkable crime,” and said it was “incomprehensible” that a child would be so “unfeeling,” before sentencing the older of two teen girls involved in the carjacking murder of grandfather and Pakistani immigrant Mohammed Anwar. The judge gave the 15-year-old the maximum sentence — six years of youth detention.

[Judge] Lynn Leibovitz said she hoped by that time the girl will have received services so she’s “never in a position to do anything like this again.”

His daughter said he was a diabetic, who was always afraid in the morning when she had to prick his finger to test his blood sugar.


“I cannot get past the fact of him enduring the pain of the injuries you caused him,” she said speaking directly to the girl being sentenced. “I cannot move past that sidewalk on N St. on March 23, where my apu (father) lay broken, while one of you is only concerned about your phone.”

His widow, her niece said, has sat silently in a corner and wept since she lost him.

“There is so much our family has endured because of you,” Anwar’s niece said through tears, speaking directly to the girl. “In these few months since March 23, we were literally at the cemetery for his burial, when we learned a video of the incident was uploaded to the internet, and went viral quickly after, including in Pakistan, which is half a world away. I cannot begin to tell you how agonizing and devastating it is to watch your loved one die so violently, and have the world view it as entertainment on websites like Worldstar Hip Hop and TMZ.


DC police have previously stated that Anwar was actually engaged in an act of kindness towards the two girls, agreeing to give them a ride after they asked him for one. Once inside the car, the older girl attempted to take Anwar’s place in the driver’s seat while pushing him out of the driver’s side door.  The girl had a taser which she used in an effort to get Anwar out of the vehicle but he held on, asking bystanders to call the police.

The girls shouted to the bystanders that it was Anwar who was attempting to steal their call, falsely claiming that it belonged to one of the girl’s mothers.

The 13-year-old is set to be sentenced on July 6.

The GoFundMe campaign set up for Anwar’s family has raised more than $1 million.


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