State University of New York Trains Nurses on the Anatomy of the 'Genderbread Person'

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Run, run, as fast as you can; it’s hard to keep up with cultural progress.

Example: At the State University of New York (SUNY), The College at Brockport’s nursing school is training young men and women with the help of a progressive pastry.


The college offers NUR 342: Foundations for Professional Practice for Nursing. And in this case, being pro involves pronouns.

Here’s how the course is described:

Co-requisite: NUR 343 (must be taken concurrently).
Presents both the skills and theoretical basis for professional practice in nursing with an emphasis on a systems approach and patient safety. Introduces the components and use of the nursing process and basic nursing techniques, national safety goals and adults’ reaction to illness and hospitalization. 3 Cr. Fall.

Campus Reform reports it’s obtained a diagram used in the class depicting “The Genderbread Person.”

The cartoon features a yellow, smiling cookie with a brain that’s rainbow-streaked. Its body is beaming with “expression,” its heart is filled with “attraction.” And its mind is host to “identity.”

According to the picture, “Gender Identity” can be male or female. Similarly, “Gender Expression” may be masculine or feminine. As for “Biological Sex,” the options are “maleness” and femaleness.”

It’s not the illustrative dessert’s first time to go to college. And Mr. Genderbread Man Ms. Genderbread Woman Mx. Genderbread Person’s ideas are all over America:


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Back to nursing school and Mx. Person, some enrollees may find the yeast-based lesson an oddity amid a profession based in biology. Campus Reform found just such an attendant:

A student in the course, who requested to remain anonymous, told Campus Reform that the diagram was “a little biased and ridiculous” since “nursing is a career based in science.”

“It all just seems contraindicated to be educating us on the gender-bread person with the list [of] ongoing terms that aren’t backed with science at all,” the student said.

“It’s just feeding into the idea that we can make up all these terms and we are all just supposed to go with it,” the student continued. “Taking nursing classes and finally being accepted into the program, I was really looking forward to taking courses about patient care and such, when it just feels like my required women studies gen ed all over again.”

Usually, social evolution occurs gingerly. But lately, it’s seemed to scream thunder and ride lightning. With such rapid transformation come questions: If those at the forefront of the gender identity movement understand that gender is a social construct, why don’t they just stop constructing it? If they prefer to continue construction, why base what they’re building on sex? Currently, gender revolutionaries look to have left the restriction of sex’s binary system to find refuge in the restriction of identity’s binary system. Perhaps we’ll soon move past all that. For now, the choices are almost exclusively male and female — but you can independently pick among those concerning your expression, your attraction, and your identity.


Traditionalists may not want society to change, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.



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