TikTok Teaches Etiquette: Whites Must Get Nonwhite Permission to Hang out — 'White Shenanigans' Are Brutal

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All you party people will be interested in a social update. Before inviting any guest to a gathering, consider an online directive.

A video from a young girl shared by Twitter’s Libs of TikTok bears a modern message for America: If you’re not white, you have no right to just invite whoever you want to a get-together.


The problem stems from the fact that your would-be guest could be Caucasian. In that case, progressively press Pause:

“[I]f you have a token white and you’re hanging out with your friend group of color, you need to ask permission from everybody in the group to bring your white friend. Like, don’t just bring them. Ask for explicit permission from everyone. Because just because you’re comfortable with them doesn’t mean that everybody’s comfortable with them.”

TikTok is a window into America’s youth, and the message of consideration to others appears ubiquitous. Each generation has its own sensibilities, and our institutions have recently sown seeds quite different than the unifying ideas of decades past.

A few cases in point:

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As for being “exhausted,” the TikToker evidently relates:

“I might not be in the mood to deal with white shenanigans that day. That’s all I’m saying.”

She adds “another thing” — white people must be prevented from getting more uppity:

“[Freely inviting them to events] feeds into their ego. Like, don’t let them think they’re a good white person. Don’t give them that card to use against other people. Please don’t do that.”

TikTok confirms where we are. Where are we headed? That remains to be seen. But if racial unity is up ahead, there are clearly still many miles to go.



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