Miss France Welcomes Biological Male Contestant, 'a Candidate Like the Others'

Jacques Brinon

At the Miss France pageant, they’re running an inclusive operation. Therefore, on Thursday, the organization brought notable news.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, the Miss Ile-de-France Committee announced that Andrea Furet will compete for the title of Miss France 2023.


Established Andrea’s details are distinguished:

Furet, a biological man, is fresh off a successful run at Miss Paris, winning first runner-up.

Andrea wouldn’t have been allowed entrance, but a lawsuit was filed in October of last year.

Feminist group Osez le Feminisme — which included three unsuccessful pageant candidates — had accused Miss France of wrongful requirements. The bunch claimed established stipulations made for “a negative and retrograde impact on the whole of society.”

Regulations were revamped, paving Andrea’s path:

The national pageant changed its rules this past June, allowing women taller than 5 feet, 5 inches, mothers, smokers, and even those with tattoos to compete. Previously, the height requirement was what held Furet back from competing.

Speaking to TF1 Info recently, Andrea celebrated mopping the floor with every woman but one at Miss Paris:

“I always wanted to do it, and when I realized it was possible, I did it. I don’t regret it! Being first runner-up is crazy. It proves that people are ready for change, are ready for inclusiveness and living together. It’s very nice. This title is really synonymous with victory.”


Biological males have made quite the splash in arenas previously reserved for bodies with vaginas:

New Victoria’s Secret Underwear Angel is Transgendered

Biological Male Identifying as Woman Wins Miss Nevada

The Emmys Nominates Its First Biological Male for Best ‘Lead Actress’

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Sexually speaking, it appears female-only spaces are going the way of the dodo bird — including restrooms and locker rooms. Some sports, however, are beginning to bar biological males from participation.

Still, in the beauty world, progress has been transformative:

Laure Mattioli — president of the Miss Ile-de-France committee — made clear there’s no difference between Andrea Furet and the other girls:

“For us, Andrea is a candidate like the others. This new rule does not change the treatment of candidates. She is female on her marital status. That’s all that matters. I do not enter the privacy of girls.”

If Andrea wins Miss France, it’s on to the Miss Universe pageant. That program’s already hosted transgenderism — courtesy of Angela Ponce, Miss Spain 2018. Hopefully, 2023’s broadcast will have regained some of the show’s former sizzle — see “Newly Transgender-Friendly Miss Universe Pageant Bombs.”


Beauty pageants — in which, puzzlingly, winners cry while losers smile — are really branching out. Not only can they dazzle you with vaseline-teethed onstage statues of various identities; they’re also amped to intervene when you attempt inappropriate tampon talk:



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